Porcelain dental craze fell under the age of 18, dentists warned

Warning, Kazazoğlu said: “Everyone follows the fashion of walking around with snow-white teeth, but having porcelain lamina for teeth whitening or correcting crooked teeth puts the teeth at risk. For lamina porcelain, the teeth become 0.5 mm The life of each restoration is a maximum of 10 years and 18 years If someone who has this procedure turns 28 or 38, other problems in the teeth may arise and there is no chance of any other treatment.IDO Legal Counsel, Attorney Gürsan Atar, on the other hand, noted that even dental technicians who are not dentists can do this type of surgery to make money, and this is a crime under the law.

Experts warn of the “white teeth” fashions that are mainly pumped from social media with the “Hollywood smile”, “Turkish smile” or many other fashion trends: Uniform porcelain teeth fashion for everyone, made only for whitening, should slow down like this as soon as possible. Noting that applying lamina porcelain, known as porcelain teeth, should not always be done for everyone, Istanbul Chamber of Dentists Vice President Prof. Dr. Ender Kazazoğlu noted that people are unknowingly risking their health for the ‘snow-white tooth’ fashion. Expressing that the laminate porcelain application should only be applied when necessary, Prof. Dr. Kazazoğlu said: “It is not a harmless transaction as is believed. It is said that there is no damage to the tooth, but there is. We file the tooth enamel 0.5 millimeters and put the porcelain plate on it. After all, doing this with a healthy tooth that has no problems is against protocols and puts oral and dental health at risk,” he said.

“It also has a negative effect on health tourism in Turkey”

Pointing out that there are major abuses in this area in health tourism, Prof. Dr. Kazazoğlu said: “Teeth whitening is not only fashionable in Turkey. It is the same in Europe. Of course, people who ask for it prefer to come to Turkey because it’s more expensive in Europe But things are very complicated in the market who don’t have a dentist to do these things to make money There have even been two major incidents recently in England and Spain about two people having surgery in Turkey. These incidents were also reflected in Turkey. It was presented as if dentists in Turkey are ignorant and cannot do anything right, including in the world press. However, the people in that incident turned out not to be dentists either.”


Noting that there has been a trend of teeth whitening in the public, especially in the past 10 years, with the effect of social media trends, Prof. Dr. Kazazoğlu said: “There is a high demand for white teeth Fashion has nothing to do with health Even if it has nothing to do with the health, of course, people suffer from some of these dental treatments color we call zero colors You recognize it from 20 miles away all fashion lovers they want this color. They cut their normally tinted teeth so that they have zero shade and have a lamina made. In fact, for such a case with restorations, the series must first start with a teeth whitening process, if the result is not obtained from there (if the stain on the tooth is very bad), it is necessary to make a lamina on it.”We cut the front of the tooth and cover it with porcelain. These are all restorations. Restoration is done to supplement something that is missing. Otherwise, doing such a treatment to make the tooth look whiter and whiter, unfortunately, harms the patient. Especially 15-18 years old. There is a great demand from young people in the group,” he said.


Noting that people who are actually dental technicians, who are not doctors, see this field as a way to make money, they are performing inappropriate procedures. Dr. Kazazoğlu continued his words: “Unfortunately, some non-doctors accept this as a way to make money and harm people by directly making lamina and veneer instead of whitening the teeth first.” It damages the teeth by carrying out restorations. No sane dentist would do that.”


According to Prof. Dr. Kazazoğlu drew attention to the fact that this method is now chosen even for the correction of dental abnormalities and warned: “If there is a discoloration in the patient’s teeth, we start whitening. If bleaching isn’t enough, we consider lamina. Lamina is actually not as harmless as everyone says. When we laminate the tooth, we actually damage it. Since we’re sanding on it a bit, the amount we’re sanding is about 0.5 millimeters. We glue a 0.5-millimeter porcelain shell on it. This will not last a lifetime. No restoration lasts a lifetime. If you take good care of your teeth, the maximum lifespan is about 10 years. His teeth are firm and straight, and he has no problems. Of course, to do this just to whiten one tone hurts people. Imagine making laminate for 18-year-old kids, it’s been 10 years. Let’s say the patient took very good care of his teeth in those 10 years. Still, it makes it more vulnerable to gum disease. By age 28, this person will have other problems with their teeth, such as bone loss, and receding gums. It is not possible to cover this with Lamina. You will have to switch to a top treatment and veneer. Let this go in 10 years, the person has reached the age of 38. Then you have no treatment options. There are also people who make lamina to correct crooked teeth. People try to fix this quickly, but they lose their health again. Actually, their address is orthodontics. Now we can treat it with clear plates, there are very practical and quick treatments. But people have run out of patience. He is waiting for it to be resolved as soon as possible, that will be tomorrow.”


Gurian Atar, the legal adviser to the Istanbul Chamber of Dentists, said dental technicians are not authorized to operate in the mouth, noting that this is a legal crime, saying: “Lamina porcelain is an aesthetic application. people who are not dentists get some of the revenue from that. We know that technicians intervene in the mouth of the patient even though they are not authorized. According to the basic law of health care, it is a crime for a person to put in the mouth of a patient, even if he is not a dentist. In addition, it is a crime punishable by imprisonment. In accordance with oral and dental health regulations, only the dentist may intervene in the patient’s mouth with the patient’s consent. even a technician or dentist who does not have a work permit or an activity permit does not have the authority to intervene.

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