Positive effects of gynecomastia surgery on men

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Hayati Akbaş gave information about gynecomastia, which is expressed as breast enlargement in men.

“Children aged 14-15 can have breasts like women’s breasts”

Dr. Dr. Hayati Akbaş said: “Gynecomastia is considered a very important aesthetic defect in men. Because, given the breast structure of a male body, his breasts should not be conspicuously large. There should be a flatter, more normal male body. Some guys let breasts see size for no reason.Temporary breast size during adolescence is normal.They become partially larger at the beginning of puberty and then these growths disappear.But if it does not go away and is noticeably large, if the teenager is constantly wearing thick clothes to cover up in that area, if he is afraid to change in front of his friends, he is constantly trying to hide his breasts, if it works, that child will have gynecomastia, the feeling of hiding the breast.In such cases is it useful to know that there is a treatment for Gynecomastia is an element that does not cause any disease or hormonal disorder and does not cause any problems other than breast size. But it has an incredibly positive effect on that young person’s psychology. Kids ages 14 to 15 can have breasts like women’s breasts,” he said.

“Gynecomastia causes an incredible lack of self-confidence in that child”

Akbaş said that the person with chest size constantly tries to close himself in the bent position, “Posture disorder occurs over time. Shyness and timidity can be permanently embedded in the child’s psychology. Therefore, gynecomastia is a treatable condition, and plastic surgeons can sometimes easily remove it with a surgical procedure.It is helpful to know that that area can only be drained with a vacuum technique without making an incision.Sometimes we can say that it can be drained easily and comfortably with a small incision Gynecomastia doesn’t just occur in children.” It doesn’t matter what age, if a man’s chest is bigger than normal, age doesn’t matter. As long as that person suffers from it, it means that he needs treatment. It’s a health condition that can be easily treated by plastic surgery.”

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