Practical tips and easy tips for cleaning the house

Practical tips for cleaning houses

While cleaning the house, almost everyone avoids it, especially when cleaning some places. However, complete hygiene cannot be achieved with a half-done cleaning. These tricks for cleaning the places that are particularly hesitant and challenging will make your job easier while cleaning.

Here are the practical cleaning measures that will make your home sparkling;

1. Clean the bathroom

When cleaning the bathroom, attempts are made to avoid this, especially since it is very unwilling to rub ceramics for a long time. Therefore, if you use lemon oil when cleaning ceramics, your work will become much easier. If you clean the ceramic with lemon oil, you will clean it in a short time and avoid the problem of mold that may arise in the future. You can also use vinegar when cleaning the shower head. First, empty the trash cans. Then, vacuum up any accumulated dirt, loose hair, and lint on the floor and corners. Clean your toilet and tap with a disinfectant product. When cleaning the tap, do not forget about the device next to it. Finally, when wiping the tiles, walls and ceiling, make sure to remove all traces and dirt. It is possible to get a more precise result by first rinsing with water and then drying. Finally, don’t forget to clean the mirrors in your bathroom.

2. Glass cleaning

Practical suggestions for cleaning

All you need to do to get your windows sparkling in no time is to clean them with vinegar and newspaper. Removing stubborn glass stains is not as difficult as you may think. Do not try to remove these stains with iron wire or the like. Clean by pouring detergent cream onto the Orlon cloth. So you don’t scratch the glass. You can also add a pinch of salt to the cleaning water and wipe the windows with this water to make your windows sparkling again.

3. Cleaning the microwave

Practical suggestions for cleaning

It’s actually not that hard to remove the dried-on dirt in the microwave. All you have to do is put a glass of water in the microwave and turn the oven on. The steam softens the dirt and you can easily get rid of difficult stains. To clean the inside of the oven, put a bowl of hot water and ammonia in it overnight. In the morning, keep the lid open for a while and then wipe it with a sponge.

4. Clean drawer

Practical suggestions for cleaning

If you’re too lazy to get your stuff out of the drawers every time, what you need to do is actually quite simple. If you put a net on the end of the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the drawers, you will not only lift your things and clean them easily. If you don’t want to empty your drawers while cleaning, put thin socks on the end of your vacuum cleaner. This way you can easily clean the dust.

5. Washing up

Practical suggestions for cleaning

To remove stubborn stains from dirty dishes, you can remove stubborn stains by running the dishes with water immediately after meals.

6. Linen cleaning

Practical suggestions for cleaning

When washing your white sheets, chlorine bleach is your worst enemy. Because it both wears out the fabric and causes it to turn yellow. If you must bleach, use oxygen-based bleach. If the manual says to wash it by hand, do so. Use a mild soap. Do not wring, hang and let dry. Store your sheets in dry, clean places.

7. Tulle curtain cleaning

Practical suggestions for cleaning

If you want your curtains and tulle to turn white again on the first day, add two tablespoons of granulated sugar to the wash water. You will be amazed at their whiteness!

8. Cleaning floorboards

Practical suggestions for cleaning

One of the biggest enemies of clean floorboards is water. If you want the small stains on the floor to be thoroughly cleaned, add some vinegar to the water and wipe the floors. You will see that the floor immediately sparkles.

9. Cleaning wallpaper

Practical suggestions for cleaning

Do not try to wipe off pencil, fingerprints and dirt on the wallpaper with detergent. You can clean your papers by wiping these stains with an eraser.

10. Clean wardrobe

Practical suggestions for cleaning

Put soap in a bag in your wardrobe to make your clothes smell nice. Close your closet door properly. After a few days, the smell of soap will permeate all your clothes.

11. Tile cleaning

Practical suggestions for cleaning

If you want your bathroom tiles to shine, you need to clean them often. Before you clean the tiles and ceramics in your bathroom, turn the tap towards hot water and let the bathroom fill with steam. Steam makes your work easier because it softens the dirt. Germicidal products are a good choice for cleaning. However, when using these products, leave the doors and windows of your bathroom open so that they do not harm your health when inhaled.

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