“Pregnant women suffering from earthquake stress should do other activities”

Gynecologist Op. Dr. Şen stated that 2 major earthquakes in Maraş have caused devastation in 11 provinces. He conveyed his wishes for God’s mercy to those who lost their lives in the earthquake and for speedy recovery for the injured. Dr Şen said, “The stress factor is very important during pregnancy. After the earthquake, of which Kahramanmaraş was the epicenter, pregnant women were also harmed. Stress factor during pregnancy adversely affects the pregnancy. For this reason, you need to do things to reduce your stress for your baby’s health. Stress during pregnancy carries the risk of premature birth. Doing activities that distract your mind to reduce stress after the earthquake will be much healthier for pregnant women and their babies,” he said.

‘Long-term stress disorder can reveal serious disorders’

Explaining that the pregnancy process is stressful, Şen said, “It is possible to get into a stressful situation during pregnancy. The reason for this is that changes in the family, life, body and emotions are often observed during pregnancy. Prolonged stress disorder can lead to serious conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease. Being under stress during pregnancy can increase the risk of premature birth and miscarriage. Babies born prematurely are at high risk for health problems. There are many reasons for normal stress during pregnancy, such as hormone changes, anxiety, and problems with a partner. In addition, catastrophic events also cause great stress. For example, earthquakes, floods and terrorist attacks. After the earthquake, most pregnant women can experience a major stress disorder,” he said.

”Various activities like yoga, short walks, growing flowers can be good”

Giving advice to pregnant women with post-earthquake stress disorder, Op. Dr. Mehmet Bekir Şen said, “This process is much more difficult for pregnant women. After the disaster, all pregnant women must manage their stress disorder well. Stress is a very important factor in terms of preterm birth. To reduce this stress, it is necessary to stay away from images reminiscent of earthquakes. In order for the pregnancy to proceed normally, it is necessary for the expectant mother to manage her stress well. It will be very good to deal with different activities for the health of the baby and the mother. Various activities such as yoga, short walks, pilates, growing flowers can be good,” he said.

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