Psychological support is a must before rhinoplasty!

Prof. Dr. Erkan Soylu explained that patients who get a new face after rhinoplasty can receive psychological support. Prof. Dr. Soylu said that the patients were surprised at the first moment after rhinoplasty and said: “With a rhinoplasty, the shape of your nose changes in the center of your face and of course your facial expression changes more or less depending on the problems in your nose Since you have been living with your natural nose for years, it will be a surprise at first when you see your new nose after surgery and your face will look different The vast majority of patients get used to this change easily in their face without psychological support and they like their new face If the situation of not getting used to the new face is due to the fact that the nose has been made incompatible with the face, a new operation should be tried to get a . ​get more compatible with the face However, if the patient’s nose is normal and fits his face, but the patient is not happy and cannot get used to his new face, this is a difficult situation. For these patients it is good to receive psychological support during the transition period. Unfortunately, we see patients who refuse to receive psychological support and have had surgery many times, and these patients often have hard-to-repair results in their nose.


Noting that this process can be somewhat more difficult in a minority of patients, Prof. Dr. Soylu continued:

“These patients sometimes come to us with a revision request such as ‘I want my old nose back’. In fact, these patients are very reluctant to change the shape of their nose before surgery. Constantly asking “How will it be?” they ask, even after long conversations and explanations, you feel their hesitation does not go away on leaving. It is not appropriate to operate on these patients before their hesitations and high anxiety levels have passed. It is best to postpone the operation until a more convenient time. These patients may have serious difficulties getting used to their face after surgery. While nasal surgeons are experienced in postoperative patient management, they are not psychiatrists. In this process, these patients may need psychological support. We can all need psychological support at different stages of life, this is quite normal. However, it can often be difficult to get these patients to accept and explain this situation.”


Prof. Dr. Erkan Soylu underlined that some patient groups should not undergo surgery and said: “Another group of patients are patients with ‘body perception disorders’. These patients should be recognized before surgery and should not be operated on. In this disease, the patient attributes all the problems in his life to one organ, for example his nose, and blames his nose as the source of all negativity. If this psychological problem of our patients is not corrected, they will not be happy, regardless of the result of the nose surgery. The complaints and unhappiness of these patients cannot be solved with nasal surgery and they should receive psychological support before the operation. Although it is a very rare problem in society, it is a condition that should be known by both professionals and our patients.

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