QFit Q4 Kids Smart Watch Reviews and Features

Wherever you are, the QFit Q4 smart kids watch, which allows you to keep in touch with your child uninterruptedly, wins users’ appreciation with its powerful battery and functional features. The device, which you can use not only to track your child, but also to stay connected and determine the area, becomes an indispensable accessory for your child with different color options.

QFit Q4 Features

Positioning System GPS
Remote shutdown There is
Voice call There is
Pedometer There is
Track location There is
Video call There is
Identify a guide There is
Electronic fence There is
Alarm There is

QFit Q4 Smart kids watch

In addition to the location tracking function, we have listed the features and curiosities of the QFit Q4 smart kids watch, which allows you to stay connected when you are away from your child with the communication and tracking function.

Here are all the details about the QFit Q4 smart kids watch;

QFit Q4 Design

The QFit Q4 smart children’s watch, which you can choose with different color options according to your child’s taste, ensures ease of use thanks to the clear system. The product, which has a simple interface and simple commands, is designed for use by children of all ages. Thanks to the impeccable design, you can easily edit with sound and image.

Features of the QFit Q4 Smart Watch App

Track activities There is
Alarm There is
Don’t message me There is
Family control There is
Video call There is

With the QFit Q4 smart kids watch you can make your child feel safe at any time. The activity tracking feature allows you to track your child’s instantaneous location while they are outside without any hassle. The voice and SMS function also allows you to communicate when you cannot make video calls. The family management system allows you to create a safe zone and only add family members to the device directory.

QFit Q4 Configuration

  1. Carefully insert the SIM card into the space provided on the device.
  2. Press and hold the power button until the device turns on by closing the card cover.
  3. After the device is turned on, wait a few minutes for the network to arrive.
  4. Download the Qfit Fit Your Mobile Life application on the device you are going to operate.
  5. Log in by creating a new registration in the application.
  6. Pair the app and device after logging in.
  7. You can complete the installation by registering the contacts you want to add to the device.

QFit Q4 Configuration

QFit Q4 Specifications

  • electronic gate
  • Camera
  • Emergency call
  • track location
  • Video call
  • mutual call
  • Alarm
  • Remote shutdown
  • Voicemail
  • Identify a guide
  • Pedometer
  • Footprint

QFit Q4 Emergency call and mutual calling

If you want to make an emergency call via the QFit Q4 smart children’s watch, it is sufficient to press and hold the help button for a few seconds. In this way, emergency notifications are sent to the family members you have added to the contacts.

You can also use it as a phone with the mutual calling feature. The device, which has the ability to make and receive calls, provides video and audio communication at any time.

QFit Q4 Emergency call and mutual calling

QFit Q4 battery features

Standby time 96 hours
Operation time 24-48 hours
Battery 750mAh

Supporting 24-48 hours of performance depending on usage with its 750 mAh battery, the QFit Q4 smart kids watch allows you to provide extended use even when you can’t charge the device with a standby time of 96 hours in unused situations.

QFit Q4 position tracking

QFit Q4 position tracking

With the QFit Q4 smart children’s watch you can not only call and send messages, but also follow directly. It offers a perfect tracking function so that you know when your child is where and your child feels safe. With the electronic fence function, you will be notified through the application if you leave the safe area that you are going to set up for your child. This way you can follow the entrance or exit of the protected area, even if you do not have control over the application.

QFit Q4 Guide setting

To activate the guide setting on the QFit Q4 smart kids watch, you must first enable the app link. Once you have created your membership, you can define the list by adding the number of family members or individuals you deem necessary. This way, your child cannot reach any number other than the one in the telephone directory, and any number that is not in the telephone directory cannot be reached without your knowledge.

QFit Q4 Smart Watch Review

QFit Q4 Smart Watch Review

👤 *** ***: Many people recommended it, one of the best quality. I had no problems with the packaging.

👤 *** ***: Those who want all functions to work perfectly can buy it without thinking. It’s a quality device.

👤 *** ***: We also had no issues with the user-friendly app. All functions work flawlessly.

👤 *** ***: We are satisfied with location tracking and calling without any issues.

👤 *** ***: We bought it for my son.

👤 *** ***: I bought it for my eldest child, but now his brother uses it too. Quality product, no problems.

👤 *** ***: Price performance product. It fully deserves its price. I would recommend.

👤 *** ***: We did not experience any connection problems, all functions work smoothly. Thank you.

👤 *** ***: We can do all the operations through the application, it works without any problems, I recommend it to everyone.

👤 *** ***: We are happy that all parents who are looking for a smart watch can buy it without thinking.

We answered the questions and FAQs about the QFit Q4 smart kids watch, which is appreciated by both parents and children for its powerful battery and ease of use.

What are the Qfit smartwatch prices in 2023?

To reach the prices of Qfit devices, you can check the sales page or other internet sites for sale.

How do I set up a Qfit smartwatch?

After inserting the SIM card, press and hold the power button to start the device. After the device is turned on, download the Qfit smartwatch application to the device you want to pair with and pair it with the watch. After pairing, you can save the numbers you want to put in the phonebook and start using the device.

What are the most reviewed Qfit smartwatch products?

Among smartwatches, the most researched Qfit products are the Q4 model. The Q4 model, which offers communication options and at the same time provides information about the place and location of your child, is winning the appreciation of users.

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