Quick weight loss tip from an expert dietitian

Expert dietician Dursun listed what needs to be done to get through the summer months fit. Dursun said 1 teaspoon of olive oil and a quarter teaspoon of turmeric should be mixed and consumed in the morning on an empty stomach to ease digestion and destroy belly fat quickly. Dursun, ”5 stalks of dill and quite a bit of lemon should not be missing on your breakfast plate. Those who want to pay must consume regularly. Be sure to try the duo of cottage cheese and chili pepper. Cottage cheese is perfect for preventing muscle loss. Prefer white tea instead of black tea at breakfast to speed up and revitalize metabolism. Even add pineapple peels when brewing. Instead of lunch, opt for 200 grams of low-fat yogurt and add 1 teaspoon of linseed. Make sure to take a break in the afternoon, with 20 raw almonds and a cold coffee with little milk you can meet part of your daily protein requirement and extend your satiety time. Have a good quality protein with dinner. Did you know that you can consume a grilled fish and a salad prepared without oil? At the same time, it is possible to be satiated for a long time and to speed up the metabolism with this evening menu, which is a source of omega-3, selenium and fiber.

”Menu with watermelon and yogurt can make you pay”

Elif Melek Avcı Dursun emphasized that preparing a menu with 300 grams of watermelon and 100 grams of cream-free yogurt can be both light and edematous on some evenings. grams of strawberries, 100 grams of cream-free yogurt, 1 dessert You make a refreshing drink recipe especially for the summer by blending them all with a spoonful of chia seeds, 5-10 leaves of basil or purslane. Another refreshing drink in summer is green tea and mineral water. Mix brewed and chilled green tea with 1 bottle of cold mineral water, add a few drops of lemon and fresh mint. Rejuvenate your metabolism while freshening up. We can also refresh ourselves by enriching ice cubes. Fill your ice mold with fruit ingredients such as pineapple, cherry, blueberry, strawberry, black currant and vegetables such as basil, dill, parsley, fill your ice mold, freeze with water and add to your drinks. People who do not consume enough water or have trouble drinking enough water during the day can try this recipe. Sugar-free ice cream recipe, put 100 grams of peaches, 150 grams of strawberries and 200 grams of watermelon in a blender in a frozen state. Then put them together and put them in bowls with the help of a spoon. It is sugar free and healthy. All for just 180 calories. When you support your diet with cardio exercises 3 days a week, you can reach your goal in a short time,” he said.

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