“Ramadan can be an opportunity to quit smoking”

associate Dr. Mustafa Aydın said: “For this reason, Ramadan can be a good occasion for smokers. You must act immediately for your health,” he said.

“Even people who have never smoked get cancer at a young age”

Assoc states that nearly half of the adult population in Turkey smokes. Dr. Aydın said: “There is no difference between dying by suicide and dying by smoking. Smoking destroys future generations,” he said. Aydın stated that there are 20,000 passive smokers in Turkey and said that the children of smokers are also at great risk and that this situation negatively affects future generations. Assoc states that the children of smokers are also at risk for cancer. Dr Aydın said: “The poisons in cigarettes destroy the p50 gene, which protects people against cancer. This gene is passed down genetically from father to child. Since a father who smokes does not have the p50 gene, the child is born with a deficiency of this gene. “A child can get cancer at the age of 25, even if he has never smoked.”

“We lose 100,000 people every year to smoking”

Emphasizing that more than half of deaths from tobacco use are caused by heart and lung diseases, Assoc. Dr. Aydın said: “Due to the health problems caused by smoking, we lose about 100,000 people in our country every year. Especially among those who died of lung cancer, the percentage of smokers is quite high,” he said, highlighting the importance of the situation.
Aydın, underlining the negative effects of years of using tobacco products on the body, said: “The first of these negative effects is the deterioration of the structure of the vessels. Health problems related to smoking develop slowly over the years, but if you quit, the effects can be seen within minutes.

“Ramadan can be a deterrent to quitting smoking”

associate Dr Aydın said: “Smokers do not feel uncomfortable because they do not smoke for a long time during fasting. If smokers can go without cigarettes for a few more hours, there is a chance to stop smoking completely.

Assoc states that the month of Ramadan is important for quitting smoking. Dr. Aydın said: “To quit smoking, one must first show willpower. However, deterrents are also important in some cases. We can count the month of Ramadan among the deterrent factors. Because people can quit smoking for about 15 hours and feel no discomfort because they don’t smoke. It is possible for someone who has been without a cigarette for a long time to continue this.”

associate Dr. Mustafa Aydın added the following as a final word:

“In addition to the individual fight to get rid of smoking, we need to see smoking as a social problem and fight it as a whole. As we always say, we will keep fighting until the last molecule of the cigarette is destroyed.”

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