Recalling the moment of the earthquake, the cause of mental breakdown

Underlining that the earthquake disaster caused sudden physical and mental damage, Psychiatry Uz. Dr. Şakir Özdemir said: “Uncertainty and ambiguity are situations that people find spiritually difficult to tolerate. Earthquake is a natural disaster that develops suddenly and quickly and can cause serious physical and mental damage. Even though a few minutes is a very short time in all human life, it is a very long time which is mentally difficult to bear and tolerate for the survivor of disasters and disasters such as earthquakes. They have intense feelings of fear and helplessness. “There is a state of shock and horror whose life is completely out of his control, heading towards uncontrollable disaster,” he said.

“The State of Anger and Irritability in Children”

Claiming that most of the psychological changes occur in children in the earthquake disaster, Psychiatrist Uz. Dr Sakir Ozdemir; He described the changes that occur with irritability and anger in children in these words:

“For children, the psychological effects of such disasters can have more serious and longer-lasting traumatic consequences. Children have more difficulty understanding the situation than adults. Feelings of fear and helplessness can be deeper. They can show traumatic psychological symptoms even months after the devastating effects of the disaster have passed. For example; It is as if a 6-7 year old child who has acquired the skill of potty training starts leaking again. They may show symptoms such as irritability, anger and crying spells, sudden fright, trouble sleeping.”

“It is important to remove despair”

Angry. Dr Özdemir said the psychological effects of earthquakes and similar disasters can be treated with drugs and psychotherapy. Ozdemir; “The spiritual effects of earthquakes and similar disasters; It can cause mental health disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. There may be feelings, thoughts and behaviors such as remembering the moment of the earthquake over and over as if you were reliving the earthquake, sudden startles, fear, anxiety and worry, insomnia, nightmares, low morale, depression, loneliness, hopelessness and helplessness. Treatment of these conditions is possible with medication and psychotherapy. The most important thing that should be done to a person who has experienced an earthquake or similar disaster; It is to make you feel understood, that you are not alone, that you are not helpless. It is important that he feels safe. It is important to quench your despair. Social support is important,” he says.

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