Red Crescent Call for Volunteer Blood Donors; The blood supply dwindles in the summer

The Turkish Red Crescent, which is responsible for meeting Turkey’s blood needs, provides services with 18 regional blood centers and 69 blood donation centers and serves the blood and blood products needs of 1,156 hospitals for which it is responsible, 365 days a year. As every year in Turkey, there is a serious drop in blood donations this year in the summer.

Mardin Artuklu Turkish Red Crescent President Şehmus Arı said that the only source of blood donation is human, and if the donation is not made, the problem will still spread to the patients waiting for blood. Arı said, “This is why people should donate blood routinely and at regular intervals so that the patients in the hospital who need blood urgently do not face any difficulties. Even now, when we think of sick people in the hospital, there are forensic cases, falls, injuries, and there are always chronic patients. Because they constantly need blood, an average of 8,500 units are needed in Turkey. When this blood is not supplied and donations are insufficient, hospitalized patients indirectly experience difficulties. Then the value of blood is better understood. Blood is a separate job in a separate job. It must be addressed as a problem. In all developed countries, it routinely purchases and distributes this work to hospitals, along with voluntary donors, through organizations such as the Red Half Moon In Turkey, distribution to all hospitals is done through the Red Crescent.” said.

“There has been low blood donation lately”

Arı stated that the number of people donating decreases during the month of Ramadan and during the summer months, saying, “If blood donation is low, hospitals still suffer. Our goal here is to make blood donation uninterrupted and ensure that the blood circulation is uninterrupted. The donor will be good, so that patients in need do not suffer.” spoke.

“Blood is the only drug that cannot be produced”

Arı stated that blood is the only need that cannot be produced and continued his explanation as follows:

“While the blood remains in our body, it only benefits us, but when we donate it, it can be a means of healing for 3 people. For this, we invite all people to donate blood at least twice a year. We want to make blood donation routine.I invite everyone to donate blood.Especially We invite everyone to donate blood in summer and ramadan months.

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