‘Reduce side effects of radiation in breast cancer patients who exercise’

Prof. Dr. Ali Aydın Yavuz, in his statement on breast cancer, the most common form of disease in women, stated that sport and exercise can make radiation therapy more bearable in patients with breast cancer.

Yavuz drew attention to Edith Cowan University (ECU) Exercise Medical Research Institute’s research on the relationship between exercise and radiation therapy:

‘In the study, 43 of the 89 women with breast cancer participated in a 12-week sports and exercise program consisting of one or two weekly physical endurance exercises at home and 30-40 minutes of aerobic exercise. No exercise was performed in the other 46 patients. Researchers found that patients who exercised recovered faster from cancer-related fatigue during and after radiotherapy compared to controls, and there was a significant increase in health-related quality of life during and after radiotherapy. No exercise-related side effects were reported in this study either.’

‘We recommend sports during radiation’

Prof. Dr. Yavuz stated that this study showed that sports and aerobic exercises at home during and after radiation therapy are safe, applicable and effective in accelerating recovery from radiation or cancer-related fatigue and improving health-related quality of life. -intense aerobic exercise per day or 20 minutes of more vigorous aerobic exercise three days per week. Also 8-10 strength training with 8-12 reps per workout, two to three days a week, for example Pilates, Fitness and similar exercises are also very helpful. In this way, in addition to beneficial effects such as reducing fatigue from radiation and cancer itself and increasing the health-related quality of life during radiation, physical activities and general health parameters of breast cancer patients undergoing radiation with exercise protocols such that can be continued at home after the end of the practice session. Positive developments can occur. We recommend that our patients with breast cancer do these sports and exercises regularly for at least 1 year, both during and after radiation treatment.

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