Refined foods cause obesity

Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr Hüseyin Özden said that among the causes of obesity are eating habits, lifestyle and genetic factors: “There are actually two things that modern life imposes on us. The first is a sedentary life, that is, spending most of our daily life as we call a desk without moving much, and the second is a change in our eating habits. Most of the people who work at a busy pace do not pay attention to their diet and consume fast foods with high calories, which we call fast food. Unfortunately, refined foods in particular cause obesity.

“Exercising at a certain pace helps prevent obesity”

Speaking of obesity measures, General Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr Hüseyin Özden said: “First of all, it can be said that the food consumed should be as organic as possible, and the reduction of the consumption of carbohydrates and fats can be seen as the first dietary changes. In addition, daily exercises at a certain pace will speed up the metabolism and help prevent obesity. Taking care of sleep patterns is also an important factor in preventing obesity. In fact, even small changes in our daily lives will greatly benefit us.

“Overweight people should definitely get a professional counseling service”

Özden pointed out that overweight people should definitely seek professional help, saying: “In fact, many people get counseling services for their obesity at certain times of their lives. But, unfortunately, at first many do not care about their excess weight. Then it may be too late. Overweight people should definitely seek professional help. Either way, a treatment program will be recommended for their current weight, and appropriate patients will be treated with surgical methods. It should not be forgotten that obesity is a serious disease and a public health problem, ranking second among preventable causes of death. For this reason, it is necessary to apply to a healthcare facility at every stage.

“Patients are referred to medical and surgical treatment as the level of the disease increases”

Özden stated that treatment methods vary depending on the patient’s current weight and actually body mass index: “Patients who are initially recommended diet and exercise programs are referred to medical and surgical treatments as the level of the disease increases. We know that the only permanent treatment for morbid obesity is surgery and the surgical methods used vary from patient to patient. The patients who have been given a surgical decision are those who have not previously been successful in following dietary programs and have no other disease that will lead to obesity. In my opinion, one of the biggest reasons for the widespread use of these surgeries is that, after successful results, the surgeries are performed with the laparoscopic, that is, closed method, fast recovery and short hospital stay. Patients who sign up for surgery are operated on after their preparations are complete, and they can be discharged within a few days and can easily return to their daily lives.

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