Regional thinning recommendation for unsuccessful weights

Providing information on regional thinning methods, Dr. Elif İnaç also gave suggestions to those who want to lose weight.

Dr. Elif İnaç, “What is the most ‘regional slimming, does it really work, does it replace dieting and exercise?’ We get questions if Regional thinning applications are actually one of the methods we use for people who have trouble burning fat in some parts of the body despite dieting and exercising. Of these, we usually prefer methods such as cryolipolysis, mesotherapy and ESWT. In other words, we use methods that build muscle and strengthen muscle tissue. We also support these methods with IV therapy. We suck up the fat cells in the affected area, freeze them and break them down. In fact, our fat cells do not increase after puberty. However, as our existing fat cells get bigger, we look heavier. If we kill them with cold, we see thinning as we reduce the fat cells in that area. With the methods we apply, we can melt approximately 25 to 40 percent of the existing fat. We can also make the method we apply more favorable by using high-dose supplementary products. In the case of lymph congestion seen in some patients, we make the area related to lymph massage thin much faster,” he said.


Saying that there are also methods to remove cellulite, says Dr. İnaç said: “One of the problems everyone is most concerned about this summer is cellulite. Cellulite is a fat as well as a tissue and circulatory problem. So it is a complicated problem. For this reason, it is necessary to solve cellulite problems in a complicated way. Thanks to the sound waves targeting the fat cells under the skin, breaking them down and increasing circulation, we have treatment methods where we get a very serious response to cellulite problems and patient satisfaction is high. Treatment is usually administered in a series of sessions and the duration of effectiveness may vary depending on each patient’s condition. It is very important for us to drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, have a good and quality sleep pattern and eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Increasing the consumption of green tea and consuming yogurt and pineapple are beneficial to the methods we practice as they increase fat burning.


Dr. İnaç said: “In general, it can be applied to anyone. However, in exceptional cases where the lymphatic system is completely diseased, such as elephantiasis, we do not consider the application suitable. Therefore, it must be assessed on a patient-by-patient basis. While these treatments can be easily applied to many people, it should be remembered that topical thinning is not a magic wand. Supporting the process with nutrition and sports is very important because it will bring more effective results and achieve an ideal body that has been dreamed of.


Dr. Dr. İnaç said: “We prefer extremely painless and painless methods in our clinic. Patients can return to normal life immediately after application. Because in the fat burning methods we use, we kill the cells in the region of interest, we don’t allow those cells to reproduce. This way we get a lasting result. Overall, our patients’ satisfaction is also high. Despite exercising and dieting, the fats that don’t disappear in some regions make people unhappy. Regional thinning comes to the rescue and it is a method that takes care of physical and mental health.”


Explaining the patient study and the stage of deciding on treatment, Dr. Elif İnaç added:

“First of all, we analyze the height and weight of our patients. We take their measurements and listen to them in detail. Does he exercise? How does he eat? How much water does he drink? Does he have another disease? Reports are very important. After this evaluation, we make a fat examination of the person. After that, we decide. Which method is most suitable for him and why we are considering this method, we tell our patient in detail. If we make a joint decision on this, we start treatment . While our treatments are only 1 session in some methods, it can take up to 8-10 sessions in some methods. As a result, we follow the patient for about 3 months. Our dietitian friend also often supports the process, so we actually set up a personalized program and determine what and how much he needs. Then we go for good results.”

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