Remington CI5319 Pro Spiral Review: Features and Reviews

Hair styling can be tricky for many people. In this case, you may need to research a product that both works for you and offers ease of use. At this point, we have come up with a great suggestion that will help you. The Remington CI5319 Pro Spiral curling iron stands out for its different settings, modern design and ease of use. When you’re ready, let’s take a look at all the points you’re wondering about the Remington CI5319 Pro Spiral.

Remington CI5319 Pro coil functions

max. Heat 210°C
Warm-up time 30 sec
Heat setting 8
Weight Not specified
Ion function There is
Plate Width 19mm

Remington CI5319 Pro spiral curling iron

Remington CI5319 Pro Spiral curling iron gives 4 times more shine to your hair, provides a smooth appearance, protection and anti-static properties. Thanks to the ceramic, tourmaline ionic and smooth coating, it is possible to curl your hair in a practical way.

Here are all the details about the Remington CI5319 Pro Spiral curling iron:

Remington CI5319 Pro Coil Specifications

  • 19 mm plate width
  • Ready indicator light function
  • rotating cord
  • heat preservation mode
  • 8 different heat settings
  • Automatic shut-off in 60 minutes
  • Rapid heat-up in 30 seconds
  • cold end function

Remington CI5319 Pro spiral heat and temperature adjustment

Heat setting 210°C
Heat phase 8
Curl width 19mm

The CI5319 Pro Spiral curling iron is designed with 8 different heat settings and can heat up to a maximum of 210°C. Thanks to these functions, you can choose the most suitable temperature for your hair by adjusting the heat according to your hair type. The width of 19 mm also allows the product to create effective and permanent curls.

Remington CI5319 Pro coil design

Remington CI5319 Pro coil

The Remington CI5319 Pro Spiral has a sleek and modern design. With the support of the rotating cord you can move easily while using the pliers. Thanks to the heat-resistant stand, the tongs rest safely during use and are therefore not harmful to the environment. At the same time, the device, which stands out for its compact structure, manages to please you without tiring your hand.

Remington CI5319 Pro coil warm up time

Warm-up time 30 sec
Automatic shutdown There is
Automatic switch-off time 60 minutes

The Remington CI5319 Pro Spiral curling iron is ready to use in just 30 seconds. This way you can quickly create your curls, even if you have to hurry. At the same time, when the product is not used for 60 minutes, it automatically turns itself off, providing a satisfactory performance in terms of both safety and savings.

Remington CI5319 Pro coil performance

The Remington CI5319 Pro spiral curling iron offers superior performance for smooth and silky hair without frizz thanks to its anti-static, ceramic, tourmaline ionic and smooth coating. While giving your hair a soft and shiny appearance, the product also helps to form tight curls and provides ease of use thanks to its versatile design.

Remington CI5319 Pro spiral format

Height 4 cm
Width 22 centimeters
Depth 4 cm

The Remington CI5319 Pro Spiral curling iron is designed with dimensions of 4 cm high, 22 cm wide and 4 cm deep. These dimensions make the pliers easy to transport and easy to use.

Remington CI5319 Pro spiral benefits

Remington CI5319 Pro Spiral gives your hair a long-lasting curl effect. It also increases safety thanks to the automatic shut-off function. Cold tips also prevent hand burns and ensure efficient use. Its universal voltage allows it to be used anywhere in the world. Preferences for heat settings, on the other hand, offer a more customizable use. With all these features, the Remington CI5319 Pro Spiral curling iron can be an economical and affordable choice.

Remington CI5319 Pro coil

Disadvantages of Remington CI5319 Pro Spiral

The Remington CI5319 Pro Spiral curling iron may have a high heat setting for some users. For this reason, before using the iron, it is recommended to adjust the temperature to the structure of your hair. These pliers are also slightly heavier than the others. This situation can affect your comfort during prolonged use and can be seen as a disadvantage for the product.

Remington CI5319 Pro Spiral User Reviews

Remington CI5319 Pro coil

Here are the positive and negative comments from users of the Remington CI5319 Pro Spiral:

💬 The only problem is that I can’t see the temperature, after trying to find the temperature it’s not a problem either. Fast heat up great

💬 It heats up quickly. It is comfortable to use. The closure holds the hair nicely. I don’t know what else to expect from the pliers anyway.

💬 I’ve been using the product for 1 years now and it’s highly recommended.

💬 It heats up very quickly, 5 min in the morning. You can style your hair in it. The quality is very good, you can understand when you open the package. Each piece is packaged individually and unopened. I heard that Remington hair products are number 10. I’ve seen one too. You can do that without any hesitation.

💬 The product is very nice, it makes permanent curls in 5 seconds. The price is also very reasonable for its performance. You can get it without hesitation.

💬 I recommend it to those who want to buy, the performance is very good for the price. It heats up very quickly. I really liked the quality. It takes some dexterity.

💬 My hair is long and thin, it forms very well and it is permanent and I am very satisfied.

💬 Beautiful tongs are exactly what I was looking for, the thinness ensures durability in the curls, that’s for sure.

💬 the product is not bad, it would be nice if it showed the degree of heating, it is not clear to what extent you use it..

💬 It’s not very permanent, the curls dissolve immediately. Frankly, I was not satisfied.

Scoring and rating

The Remington CI5319 Pro Spiral curling iron is the ideal choice for those who want a quality curling iron. The product, which stands out for its high performance, fast heating and ease of use, can accompany you everywhere with its compact structure. The device, which indicates that it is ready for use thanks to the indicator light, also knows how to ensure safety with its heat retention stand. Considering all these features, our score for this versatile device will be an 8 out of 10.

In this part of our content, we answer frequently asked questions about the Remington CI5319 Pro Spiral curling iron.

For which hair types is the Remington CI5319 Pro Spiral suitable?

The Remington CI5319 Pro Spiral curling iron is suitable for all hair types. Thanks to the different heat settings, you can choose suitable temperatures for fine, normal, and thick hair. So you can achieve ideal results by making a choice that is suitable for your hair type.

What material is the Remington CI5319 Pro Spiral made of?

Remington CI5319 is manufactured using ceramic, tourmaline ionic and smooth coating materials. Thanks to these properties, it gives shine and smoothness to your hair.

How long does it take for the Remington CI5319 Pro Spiral curling iron to heat up?

The Remington CI5319 is ready to use in just 30 seconds. Thanks to the fast heat-up time, you can do your curls quickly, even if you have to hurry.

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