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In many people, these problems can be accompanied by depression, anxiety, sleepiness and even progressive memory impairment/dementia. In short, as a physician of 40 years, I can share with you the following information clearly and unequivocally: We complain about a degree of confusion, distraction and similar brain problems that we have not seen before. There are multiple reasons for this, but if you will, let’s put those reasons aside today and my hardworking family physician colleague Dr. Let’s make a note of the 20 item “BRAIN EXERCISE” titled “THE BRAIN REST” that I learned is from Taner Akman.

Meanwhile, Dr. I would like to introduce Taner Akman. Dr Taner Akman is a hardworking, investigative and observant GP. He has written three books to date. Especially his first book “I Will Not Be a Doctor When I Grow Up” is very interesting, striking and full of different observations. Like me, I recommend that you add this precious doctor to your watchlist.


TOP 10

1. The brain works better outdoors and standing. The human brain is thought to work about 10 percent more while standing. You can try to make important decisions outside or in nature.

2. Swinging the arms while walking has a positive effect on brain performance. How about making your important decisions while walking in the open and swinging your arms from side to side?

3. Learning a foreign language strengthens the brain. You can learn and use a few new words every day. You can read the dictionary.

4. Do main gymnastics/workout. You can solve different puzzles for this. Play mind games such as chess.

5. Specify behaviors that you repeat regularly. Sometimes you hold the phone in your left hand, carry your bag with the other hand, take a different route home.

6. Make sure to read a few sentences from a good anthology of maxims every day to develop your intellectual taste. Feed your brain with quality phrases.

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7. Try to look at a beautiful picture or picture every day. Aesthetics are developed as much as aesthetic things you see.

8. Listen to your favorite music for a while with your eyes closed. It is claimed by brain authorities that classical music can add 7 points to intelligence.

On the 9th day, between 60,000 and 80,000 thoughts run through your head. Whatever these thoughts are about, your life will be shaped accordingly. Remember, whatever you think about most in your head, you will multiply it in your life.

10. When thinking about a topic, also pay attention to how you think. Thinking about thinking expands the brain and thinking ability.


1. A good night’s sleep is essential for a quality brain. Don’t worry about sleeping too much. It is known that Einstein slept more than 10 hours a day.

2. Abundant and clean oxygen is very important for the brain. Although our brains make up 2 percent of our body weight, it consumes 25 percent of the oxygen that enters the body. When we are without oxygen, death is our first organ. Treat yourself to plenty of oxygen by opening your room window.

3. Different ways of thinking train your brain. Spend more time with children and animals. Talk to people who think differently than you.

4. The unused organ is atrophied. Don’t run “in low gear” by constantly watching TV.

5. The most dangerous part of the brain is when it works according to the “reverse effort” rule. If you focus on what you fear most will happen to you, what you fear will happen to you. This is called the effort to reverse the rule. Even if the focused goal is negative, the brain is working to achieve it. “Would I be excited?” when I speak in public. When you think about it, you get excited.

6. It is monotony that tires the brain. The more you color your life, the more you brighten up your brain.

7. The brain can process five to seven pieces of information in short-term memory. When new information comes in, one is thrown out. This is called the “magic number” rule. If this rule is violated and an information overload occurs, our brains go “out of service”. Calculate what you need to do when making the biggest decisions of your life, not “by heart” but by writing it on a piece of paper, just as you do when multiplying two groups of five numbers.

8. A healthy head resides in a healthy body. Physical fitness brings mental fitness. Being inactive for a long time also immobilizes the mind. Make sure you exercise and get rid of your excess weight. Drink plenty of water. Because 78 percent of the human brain is covered in water.

9. What is learned first, learned last, repeated often and interesting while studying is the most memorable. It is wise to study with short breaks in class.

10. This week, think more about how to train your head better. Remember that the organ we will use to make our brains work better is our brains. Make a decision and use it.

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