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YL, 31, who lives in Gaziantep, received botox treatment on his hands, feet and armpits at a private center about a week ago to prevent sweating. Three days after the procedure, the woman, who suffered from double vision, partial numbness, urinary incontinence, clouding of consciousness and oxygen deprivation, presented to the emergency department of Gaziantep University Hospital. According to the initial symptoms, the woman, who was determined to have botulinum poisoning, known as botox, was taken to intensive care. A study was conducted to find an antidote to treat the woman with severe symptoms in the intensive care unit. The antidote was found in Adana and taken to the hospital via 911. The woman, who immediately started her treatment with an antidote, began to recover after 5 days of intensive care treatment. The woman, who was taken to the unit and continued her treatment, will be discharged after being kept under control for a while.

Finding the antidote early saved the patient

Hospital Internal Diseases and Intensive Care Specialist Assoc. Dr Gülseren Elay stated that botox poisoning is a rare case in the region and said: “Our patient’s symptoms were very severe. He had double vision, partial numbness, urinary incontinence, blurred consciousness and oxygen deprivation. His clinic was quite severe. We heard that he had botox done on his armpits, hands and feet. After 3 days, our patient’s complaints started. When we took our patient to the intensive care unit, the most important thing was to find the antitoxin. However, antitoxin is a hard – to find an antidote. We were able to give our patient in the critical period. We treated our patient in the intensive care unit for about 5 days. Today we are discharged from the intensive care unit and followed up in the ward The most important factor to our bringing the patient to the ward was to administer the antitoxin in the critical phase and to administer it early, because you cannot reverse the symptoms if you give the antitoxin after the clinical course has stabilised. Unfortunately, there is no other treatment for this. “We have treated a normally rare case,” he said.

Back from the dead after botox

Botox warning

associate. Dr. Elay stated that such serious cases do not often occur after applying Botox, stating that many factors, such as age and gender, can adversely affect the application of Botox. Elay said botox to prevent sweating is a risky procedure and continued as follows:

“Botox application is actually an application for therapeutic purposes. It is a neurotoxin, it is poison. It affects nerve and muscle transmission. It is also normally used in treatment. The possibility of encountering a serious picture in cosmetic purposes is very rare One of the botox used for cosmetic purposes is in America and the other in Europe There are two forms such as Their usage doses are different Many factors such as age and gender can affect the affect the application of botox. In case of a bad effect, it can be very difficult to reverse this effect. Therefore, these procedures should be performed by reliable people who know this field. Armpits associated with sweating Due to the receptor density in these areas is required a lot of application in foot and hand botox.Iodine and starch test should be done before doing this.If experts in this field are consulted,botox application is no longer a dangerous application. “

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