Reviews and features from Elari 4GR users

Do you always want to be with your child with both quality and technology of the new generation? Then Elari 4GR is a good choice for you. In addition to the stylish and modern design, we have examined in detail the reviews, features and programs of this smart watch, which will please you with a lot of functionalities.

Elari 4GR Features

Link 4G
SIM card type nano
Application installation App Store – Google Play
Camera There is
Track location There is
Computer programming There is

Elari 4GR Smart kids watch

Elari 4GR, which is fun for the little ones and safe for the parents with its many features, is powered by a powerful processor and the support of the Android operating system, this watch also manages to offer customizable use. However, it is designed in a versatile way to keep your child away from phones and tablets.

Here are all the details about the Elari 4GR kids smart watch;

Elari 4GR Design

The watch display, which is recessed around the dial, helps protect the watch from bumps and drops. However, the silicone band offers both durability and comfortable use. This watch, which does not irritate the skin, has been given a durable structure through safe use. The bright and vibrant screen also allows you to choose themes based on the seasons using the easy to understand interface.

Elari 4GR application features

Mp3 player There is
Calculator There is
Don’t message me There is
Family control There is
Camera There is

Elari 4GR, which offers MP3 player support via Bluetooth connection, opens the door to learning while having fun with its gaming support. At the same time, this smart watch, which stands out for its classroom mode function, helps to limit the time in the classroom environment apart from the SOS function. In this way, it also helps your child to fully concentrate on the lesson. Alarm and notification support also helps develop a sense of responsibility and ensures more efficient use.

Elari 4GR Media listening

Elari 4GR has come forward with its environmental listening feature to enable you to understand what is happening around your child with the support of Elari SafeFamily application.

Elari 4GR Media listening

Elari 4GR Technical Specifications

  • Support for two-way calling
  • Remote control with the Elari SafeFamily app
  • Ambient listening function
  • Full focus with class mode
  • Calculator support
  • Mp3 player
  • Educational content with KidGram

Elari 4GR Camera and video chat feature

Camera 2MP
Speed ​​of the connection 4G
Link bluetooth
SIM card type nano
Video call There is

Elari 4GR is designed with 2 MP camera support. With the support of 4G connection speed, it is possible to make video calls without any stutters or stutters. This smart watch, which allows you to reach your child anytime, anywhere, offers two-way video chat. It creates versatile usage with the support of voice search feature.

Elari 4GR Send messages and chat function

Send Elari 4GR message

Elari 4GR offers safe use without the need for a SIM card, thanks to the chat function integrated directly into the watch. Text, voice messages using the chat function; It is possible to send images and emojis. This watch, which also enables fun activities on KidGram, pleases both families and children with its safe use.

Elari 4GR location information

You can set your child’s school, course, and library as a safe area on Elari SafeFamily so that you are always aware of their location. In addition to tracking locations directly, it is also possible to detect locations in the past. Route tracking through the application can also be done through the application, which you can easily manage.

Elari 4GR location information

Elari 4GR reviews

Elari 4GR reviews

👤 *** ***: We use it without any problems. We are very satisfied. Charging takes 1 day, it could be a little longer. Also when there is a lot of noise coming from the clock it is not heard as it is not loud so my son cannot hear us. We can hear it very clearly through the noise.

👤 *** ***: This watch is the best among smartwatches, the sound quality is great, the picture is great, we had no problems with the installation, I would definitely recommend it.

👤 *** ***: The product is really high quality. Clock menus are fast. The screen quality is very good. The phone app felt like it could be a little better. When you first open it, there is no Turkish option, but the language option is updated automatically.

👤 *** ***: We love it, I think this product is best for kids and their families. The image and quality of the product is excellent. I advise.

👤 *** ***: It is a beautiful stylish product and the material quality is very good. It is not as easy as other equivalent products. Even finding the password to log into the settings was difficult. Location information is not bad. Camera is enough. They need to spend a little more time on the application.

👤 *** ***: Product number 20. I would recommend it to everyone. It’s very good as a business. They ship immediately. Thanks, accuracy is great.

👤 *** ***: Very ideal for children. GPS location tracking, safe area determination, environment tracking. Again, video call about the installed program. Voice call. All active and working. Bit slow. Very stylish. It’s a good time for kids to feel grown up.

👤 *** ***: In my opinion the best quality kids watch on the market. Material quality screen brightness, brightness is very good. The tracking software is also Elari’s own software and is quite detailed. You will receive a message when the child takes off or turns off the watch. Voice and video calls are very clear. I advise.

👤 *** ***: It’s still very new but I wanted to give my first opinion. It met our expectations very well. All functions work. The last comments said that the support for listening to media was removed, I tried it and it works without any problems. Perfect.

👤 *** ***: Sound quality is very good. I will also update our experience in busy environments and outdoors. The image quality is good enough for us. A notification comes up every time the watch is taken off the wrist, which is a very important feature in my opinion.

👤 *** ***: The clock is on and there is a network. I am on a call, but when we ask the application, the device does not turn off. the message is not sent, the ambient sounds are not audible.

👤 *** ***: There are some problems with the software or hardware, the notification bell rings when we call the child, but the screen does not turn on, you cannot see who is calling or answering, the clock is mediocre although the material quality is good.

In this section we have taken a closer look at the frequently asked questions about the fun and handy Elari 4GR smart children’s watch.

Is Elari 4GR waterproof?

Elari 4GR is designed to be water resistant at IP67 level. However, thanks to its waterproof shape, it adapts easily to the fun activities of the little ones.

How to add a number to the Elari 4GR watch?

To add a number to the Elari 4GR smart kids watch, you can quickly and conveniently add a number via the Phonebook button on the ElariSafe application. The watch automatically rejects numbers it doesn’t recognise, maximizing your child’s safety. This feature can be changed in the settings.

What is Elari 4GR Safe Area, how do I set it up?

Elari 4GR allows you to choose which region your child is in. These areas that you can choose such as school, course, home can be designated as safe areas. Area selection can be made practically through the application.

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