Revolutionary treatment of goiter and thyroid nodules

Radiofrequency ablation began to be used in the treatment of goiter and thyroid nodules in 2006, and microwave ablation in 2010 in the world. Although non-surgical treatment methods have recently become popular in the world, ablation methods in the treatment of thyroid nodules; It is attracting attention as a safe, effective and very comfortable form of treatment.

“Restore your health in 30 minutes instead of taking thyroid hormone medication for life”

Assoc states that the only option in treating thyroid nodules for many years is thyroidectomy (surgery, surgery) and removal of the thyroid gland. Dr. Feyzi Gökosmanoğlu said: “After this surgery, patients had to take thyroid hormone medication for the rest of their lives. In addition, the patients are concerned about the risks associated with anesthesia and the presence of a permanent surgical incision in the neck during surgery. Recently, the exciting revolutionary method of ablation has been applied in the treatment of goitre (toxic, non-toxic) and thyroid nodules. In this method, no incision is made, only a needle hole is inserted and the nodule is destroyed by an increase in temperature in the nodule with controlled alternating current given from the needle tip to the goiter and thyroid nodules. It is a very successful, effective, safe and comfortable treatment method that allows you to continue your life without surgery, local anesthesia, painless, without incision and 30 minutes after the procedure. The ablation process takes about 15-25 minutes, depending on the patient and the characteristics of the nodule. The patient is sent home 30 minutes after the procedure.

“Clinical symptoms and complaints disappear”

Giving details about the new treatment methods, Assoc. Dr. Gökosmanoğlu said: “Goiter and thyroid nodules are treated with radiofrequency and microwave ablation. It is used in patients with complaints related to thyroid nodules (signs of pressure in the throat, swelling in the neck, difficulty swallowing, shortness of breath, cough). Recently it can also be used in papillary thyroid cancer below 10 millimeters and in involvement of the lymph nodes as a result of cancer. In current clinical reports and studies, the ablation method has been shown to be effective and safe in the treatment of low-risk papillary thyroid cancer and is expected to be a new option for the first-line treatment of patients with low-risk papillary thyroid cancer. Treatment of hyperparathyroidism (parathyroid adenomas) with high calcium levels by ablation method is the most recent development. After ablation, the volume of the nodule decreases by 33-58 percent in the first 3 months and by 60-90 percent in 6-12 months. It can take years to disappear completely. But as soon as it starts to shrink, clinical signs and symptoms disappear.”

Advantages of the ablation method

Giving examples of the benefits of the ablation method, Dr. Gökosmanoğlu said, “This method provides a comfortable treatment option for those undergoing high-risk surgery and who are afraid of surgery. You do not have to take medication for life. The recovery rate is quite high, it is quite comfortable and easy. Compared to surgery, the risks and complications are very low. Patients can return to their homes and daily lives on the day of the procedure. The patient is not unconscious, anesthesia is not used, the procedure is performed only with local anesthesia. No stitches or scars. In addition, alcohol ablation is used in the treatment of cystic thyroid nodules in our clinic. Patient satisfaction rates are very high with radiofrequency, microwave, and alcohol ablation procedures for thyroid nodules and goiter.

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