Rosacea is most common in women and fair-skinned people.

Rosacea, popularly known as laughing or rose disease, is one of the most common skin diseases. Rosacea, which can cause redness in the center of the face, involving the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks, enlargement of capillaries, acne, roughening of the skin and edema, is generally seen after the age of 30.

Be careful when consuming spicy foods and hot drinks

Medicana International Ankara Hospital Dermatology Specialist Dr. Gülşah Koçak Kurt shared the information that rosacea can be caused by environmental factors. Kurt stated that ultraviolet rays, hot-cold weather, hot drinks, spicy foods, wind, exercise, alcohol consumption and stress cause the disease, Kurt said: “Irregularities in the natural immune system, which helps the skin form a barrier against the external environment, is another major reason for the development of the disease.”

“Various laser treatments and intense pulsed light systems can be effective in reducing redness and destroying capillaries.”

Dermatology specialist Dr. Gülşah Koçak Kurt stated that rosacea can be controlled with patient education, non-drug treatments, drug treatments, laser light systems and surgical procedures. Kurt stated that drug treatments are done with creams and gels in mild cases and oral medications in severe cases, and shared the following information about treatment methods:

“Different laser treatments and intense pulsed light systems can be effective in reducing redness and destroying capillaries. In addition, botox injections can be done to reduce redness. Surgical treatment can be used in case of nasal deformity, which is more common in male patients.

“Rosace treatment must be personalized”

Dermatology specialist Dr. Gülşah Koçak Kurt said that early diagnosis can improve the quality of life of rosacea patients. Noting that the disease flares up from time to time, Kurt said, “Triggers need to be identified and treatment personalized. Long-term follow-up is needed to alleviate symptoms and control the disease with treatment.

Kurt stated that patients are prone to sensitivity and irritation if inappropriate cosmetic products are used because the skin barrier has deteriorated, warning Kurt, “Cleansing, moisturizing and sun protection should be done with appropriate products, on the recommendation of a dermatologist.”

In addition, Kurt stated that rosacea can also cause eye involvement. Kurt stated that the disease can cause symptoms such as lacrimation, redness, foreign body sensation, dryness and itching in the eye and suggested a periodic eye exam.

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