Rowenta CF5820 Review: Features and Reviews

Hair straighteners have become an indispensable part of women’s hair care routines in modern life. Women who want to straighten their hair often turn to hair straighteners to help control their curly or wavy hair. While there are many options in this regard, the Rowenta Power Straight CF5820 Electric Hair Straightener Comb is one of the best choices due to its special design and versatile features. We have included all details about Rowenta CF5820 for you in this content.

Rowenta Power Straight CF5820 Features

max. Heat 200°C
Heating time 30 sec
Heat setting 160°-180°-200°C
Weight Not specified
Ion function There is
Thermo control There is

Rowenta Power Straight CF5820 hair straightener

Power Straight CF5820 has a special design that offers unparalleled performance even on the most demanding hair types. It allows easy and fast styling, even on voluminous and curly hair. Thanks to the ion generator, it prevents the hair from becoming electrified and thus helps you to have shiny hair.

Here are all the details about the Rowenta Power Straight CF5820 hair straightener:

Rowenta Power Straight CF5820 Technical Specifications

  • 160° – 180° – 200°C temperature setting
  • 30 second warm up time
  • 2 types of brush tips
  • Thermo Control technology
  • Ion generator function
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • 40 root trap bits
  • Ceramic coated brush

Rowenta Power Straight CF5820 Heat and temperature setting

Heat setting 160°-180°-200°C
Heat phase 3

Power Straight CF5820 offers different temperature levels for you to choose from 160° – 180° – 200°C. In addition, thanks to the temperature sensor, it provides the ideal temperature for thin and thick hair. In this way, the Thermo Control technology keeps the temperature constant and at the right level, making it possible to smooth your hair from root to tip.

Rowenta Power Straight CF5820 design

Rowenta Power Straight CF5820

Rowenta CF5820 hair straightener has a striking design with its green color. This stylish machine manages to make hair straightening easier thanks to its combed structure. At the same time, its compact structure makes it easy for you to hold. In addition, with the temperature adjustment buttons on the back of the hair straightener, it is possible to choose the temperature that suits you. Rowenta CF5820 Hair Straightener has an ergonomic design and is very easy to use. The long cord of the product allows for freedom of movement and allows you to move easily while straightening.

Rowenta Power Straight CF5820 Warm Up Time

Warm-up time 30 sec
Automatic shutdown There is

The Rowenta CF5820 Hair Straightener is practically ready to use thanks to the warm-up time of 30 seconds. The hair straightener reaches the desired temperature in a short time and helps you to use your time efficiently.

Rowenta Power Straight CF5820 Performance

Rowenta CF5820 Hair Straightener offers ideal use for voluminous and curly hair thanks to its special design. With its three-step technology, it holds your hair tight from root to tip, effectively straightening it. Root catcher tips catch 40 roots from the bottom and both types of brush tips keep the hair tight and prevent electrification thanks to the ion generator. This way your hair will look shiny and smooth. The Thermo Control technology keeps the temperature at the ideal level for your hair and prevents it from getting damaged.

Rowenta Power Straight CF5820 Benefits

Rowenta Power Straight CF5820

It offers effective straightening performance with its three-step technology. Thanks to the ion generator, it prevents your hair from becoming electrified and makes shiny hair possible. With Thermo Control technology, it helps you to perform the straightening process more safely using a constant and correct temperature.

Rowenta Power Straight CF5820 Cons

As for the cons of the Rowenta Power Straight CF5820 hair straightener, it can be mentioned that it heats up slowly, which may not meet the expectations of some users. Some users have stated that the heat-up time of the product is longer than other hair straighteners. In this case, other models that offer practical heating can attract more attention. Another disadvantage of the product can be the price. Some users may not find this hair straightener suitable for their budget and may turn to other models that are more suitable in terms of price and performance.

Rowenta Power Straight CF5820 User Reviews

Rowenta Power Straight CF5820

Here are the positive and negative comments from users of Rowenta Power Straight CF5820:

💬 Incredibly beautiful and practical, my hair is so long, even if it’s 15 minutes, it looks like you just came out of the hairdresser. I was hesitant as it dries hair out etc. But I am glad I bought it, it didn’t wear down my hair at all and it has a straightening effect but also makes hair look like a hair dryer.

💬 This comb is a legend. It combs as well as straight. So it is not tiring at all. First of all I want to say that my hair is thick and frizzy. Still, it’s pretty good, I recommend it to anyone who thinks about it.

💬 Definitely very practical. My long, thin, slightly wavy hair is beautifully straight in 10 minutes when I head out the door in the morning. Perhaps the hairdresser can give a performance close to blow drying if some work is done on the ends.

💬 I tried the product one more time, my hand is not completely useless, but the result was still great, I am a person who does not like straight hair, you can get both straight and frizzy hair with it.

💬 I bought it because my painted hair straightener wears out quickly. I have thick and bushy hair, I did it in less time than a straightener and it was soft. Thank you.

💬 It is not right to expect classic straightening performance from the product. I wanted to buy this product which makes the hair look a bit more natural as the classic hair straighteners straighten and dull the hair. Using the hair in sections will give you more efficiency. Besides, my hair is quite wavy and I could straighten it easily.

💬 I like it very much, you can easily choose this brand as I like.

💬 I bought it before and I am very satisfied. This time I got it as a gift. It straightens the hair without damaging it, I am very satisfied.

💬 If you don’t comb your hair as well as I do, your hair will break or break badly because the teeth are too tight. So you have to comb it very well with the thinnest comb, I didn’t really like it.

💬 The product is nice, but it is very difficult to clean, I wish it had a device or something, the oil on the hair gets in between, it can hardly be cleaned, so I honestly regret it a little.

Scoring and rating

The Rowenta CF5820 hair straightener is an effective hair straightener device designed to provide smooth results from root to tip. The triple brush tip and the thermo-control technology capture the hair at the root, keeping it taut and thus ensuring effective straightening. The ion generator also helps you get shiny hair by preventing the hair from getting electrified. The temperature sensor provides a constant and optimal temperature for both fine and unruly hair: 160° – 180° – 200°C. Thus, it helps the product to get a usable shape. At the same time, the design of the hair straightener is compact and convenient. This product, which performs very well once warmed up, can straighten hair quickly. If you are looking for a high quality hair straightener, the Rowenta CF5820 Hair Straightener may be the right choice for you. Taking all these features into account, the score we will give is 8 out of 10.

In this part of our content, we answer frequently asked questions about the Rowenta Power Straight CF5820 hair straightener.

How long does the Rowenta CF5820 Hair Straightener heat up?

The Rowenta CF5820 Hair Straightener heats up quickly and is ready to use in about 30 seconds. This way he can guide you, even if you have to get up quickly in the morning.

Is the temperature of the Rowenta CF5820 Hair Straightener adjustable?

Yes, the temperature of the Rowenta CF5820 Straightener is adjustable. The temperature sensor in the device provides a constant and optimal temperature for both fine and thick hair: 160° – 180° – 200°C with temperature levels that you can define, ensures an adaptable use.

Is Rowenta CF5820 suitable for curly hair?

Yes, the Rowenta CF5820 Hair Straightener is specially designed for voluminous and curly hair and delivers unparalleled performance. The triple brush tip grabs the hair at the root and ensures effective straightening.

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