Salcano Cappadocia Review | Speed, range, weight, brakes

Going on exciting nature trips, hurtling along the cool forest paths and enjoying the freedom… If that’s what you’re looking for, Salcano Cappadocia might be the perfect option for you. Equipped with the latest technology from the Salcano brand, this electrically assisted mountain bike is ready to give you a unique riding experience.

Salcano Cappadocia immediately attracts your attention with its unique design, striking details and solid aluminum staff. In addition to a modern look, you will be amazed by the performance. Powered by the Bafang rear hub motor, this MTB is designed to push the boundaries when it comes to speed. It supports you at maximum speed, so you can easily overcome obstacles and move forward quickly, even on slopes.

Salcano Cappadocia Characteristics

Weight 24.9 kg
type of bicycle Foldable bicycle
Engine type Bafang 36V/249W
Edge 27.5 inches
Reach 50-80km
Maximum speed 25 – 29.9 km/h
Number of gears 8 Gear

Salcano Cappadocia Review

Salcano’s LG Cell battery provides enough power for long journeys and gives you freedom. You can go far from your starting point, enjoy nature and increase your courage to explore places waiting to be discovered.

The performance of this great bike is not limited to the motor and battery. With the Shimano shifting system you can shift quickly and smoothly. Hydraulic disc brakes, on the other hand, provide safe braking power, keeping you in control even in tough conditions.

Every detail of Salcano Cappadocia has been carefully designed to make your driving experience unforgettable. The zoom pliers give you more control with its mechanical locking feature. Durable wheelset and Continental tires increase your grip, even in difficult terrain conditions.

Here are all the details about Salcano Cappadocia;

Salcano Cappadocia design

Salcano Cappadocia is a 27.5″ electric-assisted MTB bike with a modern and stylish design. The aluminum frame offers a solid and light structure and attracts attention with its striking details and elegant lines. The design is both aesthetically striking and functional. Salcano Cappadocia has a structure that cycling enthusiasts will love.

Salcano Cappadocia Speed

Salcano Cappadocia is powered by the Bafang rear chamber motor and supports you at maximum speed. This electrically assisted bicycle is usually limited to a maximum speed of 25 km/h. This speed not only ensures impressive performance in various application areas, but also ensures a safe driving experience.

Salcano Cappadocia range

The range of Salcano Cappadocia may vary depending on factors such as battery capacity used, driving conditions and rider weight. The 36V/16Ah LG Cell battery usually offers a range of 50-70 km. This range can be considered as a suitable option for short and medium distances. However, it is important to note that range may be reduced in hilly or difficult terrain.

Salcano Cappadocia rims and tires

Salcano Cappadocia uses a Salcano HARDTAIL XC 36H wheelset with a diameter of 27.5″ and Continental Cross King 2.2 tires. This combination is optimized for both durability and performance. The 36H wheelset offers a solid and stable construction, while the Continental Cross King 2.2 tires superior performance in traction and handling, these components help Salcano Cappadocia to provide a safe and enjoyable driving experience in various terrain conditions.

Salcano Cappadocia Weight

Salcano Cappadocia

The approximate weight of Salcano Cappadocia is about 24-25 kg. The use of an aluminum frame and suitable parts makes the bike light and user-friendly. This weight offers users easy portability and better maneuverability during use.

Salcano Cappadocia braking system

Salcano Cappadocia is equipped with Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brake system. This braking system provides powerful and precise braking performance. MT200 brakes provide reliable braking power in all weather conditions while providing control to the user. This way, drivers have the ability to stop safely when faced with challenging situations.

Salcano Cappadocia Battery and Charging Time

The battery used in Salcano Cappadocia is a 36V/16Ah LG Cell battery. This battery provides enough power for long journeys and offers lasting performance. The charging time usually varies from 4-6 hours until a discharged battery is fully charged. Charging time may vary depending on the charger used and the condition of the battery. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended charging instructions to extend battery life and performance.

Salcano Cappadocia What’s in the box

The Salcano Cappadocia box contents usually include the bike itself, the battery, the charger and the necessary installation and user manuals. In addition, some models may contain additional accessories or parts in the box. It is important to check the contents of the box and additional features before making a purchase.

Can I buy Salcano Cappadocia?

Salcano Cappadocia

Salcano Cappadocia is an electrically assisted mountain bike that stands out for its powerful performance, solid components and stylish design. However, the purchase decision depends on personal preferences and expectations. It’s important to consider your budget, driving needs, and your preferred make and model first. It is also advisable to assess whether the bike is suitable for your body type and riding style. Going to a bike shop for a test ride or getting feedback from experienced users can help you make the right decision.

Salcano Cappadocia electric folding bike reviews

Salcano Cappadocia

👤 *** ***: First we need to understand what we are getting; This vehicle is an electrically assisted bicycle. The design and weight are a bit of an absurd “bike”, which brings with it the problem of downhills. When the load is reduced to one level it is very difficult, but when it is half or more you don’t have much of a pedal assist.

👤 *** ***: A sturdy, scooter-like, beautiful and enjoyable gadget. If you are going to drive in a very hilly area, you can choose an electric scooter or a 50 cc motorcycle as a start. But if you have an 80 percent straight road, that may be preferable.

👤 *** ***: Friends, it’s been a week since I bought the bike and it’s a very good product for city use. Although I weigh 90 kg and my son 32 kg, the bike carries us both very comfortably. There’s no problem on slight inclines, but I’m sure it won’t go out on very incline roads.

👤 *** ***: It is a very successful product for me because there is no slope in my district.

👤 *** ***: They were very attentive, thank you. The motor is really nice, reliable, solid, very comfortable to use, nice range, nice speed.

👤 *** ***: Very nice product, the load is very long, the traction is excellent.

👤 *** ***: Very good for urban use. Charging lasts a long time. Removing the battery and charging it at home ensures ease of use.

👤 *** ***: Full price-performance product. I was very satisfied.

What is the maximum speed of Salcano Cappadocia?

Salcano Cappadocia usually has a speed limit of 25 km/h.

What is the range of Salcano Cappadocia?

The range of Salcano Cappadocia varies depending on factors such as battery capacity used, riding conditions and rider weight. Typically with a 36V/16Ah battery it can have a range of 50-70km.

What is the weight of Salcano Cappadocia?

The approximate weight of Salcano Cappadocia is about 24-25 kg.

Which braking system does Salcano Cappadocia use?

Salcano Cappadocia has Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brake system for safe braking.

What is the battery capacity of Salcano Cappadocia and how long is the charging time?

Salcano Cappadocia uses a 36V/16Ah LG Cell battery. Charging time usually ranges from 4-6 hours from an empty battery to a full charge.

How is Salcano Cappadocia folded?

Salcano Cappadocia is not a folding bike. This model, which has a fixed frame, does not have a folding function.

What’s in the box of Salcano Cappadocia?

A: The contents of the Salcano Cappadocia box usually include the bike itself, the battery, the charger and the necessary installation and user manuals.

How is the design of Salcano Cappadocia?

Salcano Cappadocia is a 27.5″ electrically assisted MTB bike with a modern and stylish design. It stands out for its aluminum frame and eye-catching details.

What are the Salcano Cappadocia rims and tires?

Salcano Cappadocia uses Salcano HARDTAIL XC 36H wheelset with a diameter of 27.5″ and Continental Cross King 2.2 tires.

How can I buy Salcano Cappadocia?

You can buy Salcano Cappadocia from authorized bike shops or online bike dealers. It is important to check availability and prices before purchasing.

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