Salcano NG650 Review | Features, price and weight

Salcano NG650 Mountain Bike stands out as a model that steals the hearts of passionate cycling enthusiasts. This bike impresses with its modern design and technical features. Thanks to the aluminum bar, it offers an advantage over steel frames in terms of lightness and offers long-term use with its durable structure.

Salcano NG650 Features

Gear 21
type brake Hydraulic disc brake
Edge 29 inches

Salcano NG650 mountain bike

Salcano NG650 Mountain Bike is a model that attracts attention with its light and durable structure and has won the appreciation of users. Thanks to its ergonomic structure, it can be easily used by anyone, big or small. We have looked up all the information about the Salcano NG650 mountain bike for you.

Here are all the details on the Salcano NG650 Mountain Bike;

Features of Salcano NG650 Mountain Bike

The Salcano NG650 Mountain Bike is a lightweight and durable 29 inch MTB bike. Thanks to its aluminum rod, it is lighter than steel frames and exhibits rust-free properties. It has a weight of about 14.8 kg.

The Salcano NG650 can be thought of as a large adult bike with 29 rims and a frame size of 19 inches. The 29 rims represent the diameter of the tire and are approximately 73.6 cm. The frame length, on the other hand, refers to the ground clearance of the bicycle and the distance from the crankset where the pedal system is attached to where the saddle is attached is approximately 48.2 cm. In general, it is suitable for users 180 cm and taller, but this may vary depending on the user’s leg length and preference.

Salcano NG650 mountain bike gear and brake

Shimano ST-EF505 individual incremental shift levers and Shimano RD-TY300 Tourney rear riser are used as the gear system. The bike has a total of 21 gears. A Shimano FC-TY301 3-blade crankset is the preferred crankset. The rear ruble has 7 gears, and the Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brake system is used as a braking system. This braking system is preferred with its advantages such as short braking distance, comfort and long service life. It provides safer braking on wet and dry road surfaces.

Hydraulic brakes attract attention with their comfortable braking distance and long service life. This system, which transmits the movement with the pressure of the oil, ensures effective stopping at short distances and provides safe braking on wet or dry road surfaces.

Salcano NG650

Salcano NG650 Shock Absorber

The NG650 is equipped with 29 Zoom CH386 Shock Absorber Locking Forks. This system allows you to use energy more efficiently by locking the shock absorber in situations where a shock absorber is not needed, such as asphalt or a flat surface.

The Salcano NG650 mountain bike is a model designed for exciting off-road adventures. One of the outstanding features of this bike is the shock absorber system. The shock absorber absorbs the bumps you encounter while driving, providing a more comfortable experience and more control.

Shock absorbers are not necessary when driving on flat and slippery surfaces, such as asphalt or flat ground. In these situations you can lock the fork to save energy and get a more efficient riding experience.

Salcano NG650 installation

The product is delivered semi-assembled in the original closed box. For installation, you must register with the authorized Salcano service, because the warranty starts with the installation of the authorized service. Installations performed outside the authorized service may be out of warranty. You can find the authorized service list on the Salcano website.

Salcano NG650 Rim

The wheelset on the NG650 consists of specially designed SLCN HARDTAIL01 wheels. These wheels have an 8x4h knitting pattern and offer the perfect balance between strength and lightness. The special knitting pattern ensures that the wheels have more grip on rough and uneven terrain.

The size of the rims is also an important factor. The wheels of the NG650 are notable for their diameter of 29 inches. The large rim diameter helps the bike perform better in difficult terrain conditions. It allows you to overcome obstacles more easily and provides a smoother driving experience.

The material of the rims is also an important factor. The rims of the Salcano NG650 are made of a special alloy material. This material makes it both durable and lightweight. The durable structure ensures a long life of the bike, while the lightness ensures a faster and more efficient ride.

The design and features of the SLCN HARDTAIL01 wheels complement the overall performance of the Salcano NG650. These wheels are optimized to adapt to different driving conditions. It offers better stability and control on rough terrain and a fast and smooth driving experience on flat surfaces.

Salcano NG650 wheels are designed as a high quality part and carefully crafted to ensure durability, performance and reliability. These wheels provide mountain bike enthusiasts with a reliable riding experience, even in rough terrain conditions.

Salcano NG650 Features

Frame material Aluminium
Weight 15kg
Squad length 19 inches – 48 cm
Front Shock Absorber Locked shock absorber

Salcano NG650 lightweight construction

The lightness of the NG650 starts with the aluminum frame. Aluminum is an often preferred material in bicycle manufacturing because it is both durable and lightweight. The aluminum frame significantly reduces the weight of the bike while maintaining rigidity. This allows drivers to maneuver more easily and use their energy more efficiently.

The lightness of the NG650 is not only limited to the frame, but can also be found in other components. For example, the wheels are made of a special alloy material and offer durability despite being light. Likewise, lightweight materials are used in other components, minimizing the overall weight of the bike.

An advantage of lightweight construction is that it improves driving performance. A light bicycle accelerates more easily, moves more agilely and uses less energy. This helps drivers cover longer distances with less fatigue. In addition, the lightweight construction ensures better performance and control on climbs.

The lightweight construction of the Salcano NG650 is also an important advantage in terms of portability. When you need to carry the bike, it can be transported and stored more easily. For mountain bike enthusiasts in particular, it’s a more practical option to head out into the terrain and explore by bike.

Salcano NG650

Want to buy Salcano NG650?

One of the main advantages of the Salcano NG650 is the lightweight aluminum frame. This allows the bike to move faster and more agile. At the same time, the lightweight construction offers better performance and control on climbs. If you’re looking for fast rides and a competitive experience on mountain bike trails, the NG650 might be for you.

The NG650 also draws attention with its Shimano gear system. This 21-speed system allows you to easily switch to different speeds and power levels on different surfaces and slopes. This allows you to choose the right gear while driving and optimize your performance. This gear system is suitable for both experienced users and beginners and offers a versatile cycling experience.

The NG650’s hydraulic disc brake system provides a safe and effective stop. It offers better braking performance even on wet or dry road surfaces. This increases your security and control. If high braking performance and safety are important to you, the NG650 braking system can satisfy you.

But when buying a bike, it is important to consider your own needs and budget. Since the NG650 is a performance bike, it may be better suited to riders with more experience or ambition. It also appeals to mountain bike enthusiasts and adventurers.

Salcano NG650 User Reviews

Salcano NG650

👤 Very nice quality product suitable for height above 180 K **** A ***

👤 It’s going pretty well already. It’s a handy bike. ME****

👤 The product is very good. M***** M*****

👤 Nice successful bike. I have no problems while using it. The mountain progresses without hesitation. Gear shifters are also very sensitive, I can use them comfortably. G**** T****

👤 I bought three for my three grandchildren and I am very satisfied. The joy of my three grandchildren was in their eyes. It was worth everything. M*** U***

👤 Nice bike. Adjusting the seat is pleasant, if nothing happens to the gear lever, it will be used for a long time. YES*****

How much does the Salcano NG650 bike weigh?

Since the Salcano NG650 bike has an aluminum frame, its weight is 15 kilograms. It can be easily lifted and used by most people.

For which rides is the Salcano NG650 bike suitable?

The Salcano NG650 bike is called a mountain bike, but on asphalt roads there is no slipping, driving problems, etc. does not cause problems. It is a bike suitable for both asphalt and mountain road.

Salcano is the brand of which country?

The Salcano brand is based in Istanbul. Turkish bicycle manufacturer. The company produces many different bicycles, including city, hybrid, mountain and road bicycles.

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