Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH Review: Reviews and Features

The dryer can be a bit of a challenge depending on the features you want to buy, but the Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH makes your decision a little easier. This stylish and modern dryer offers you a customizable use with different functions while drying your laundry. This way it is possible to take time for yourself without getting bored while waiting for your laundry to dry.

Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH Specifications

Capacity 9kg
Weight 49kg
Number of programs 6+
Remote control No
Volume 65dB

Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH Dryer

Together with its large drying capacity, the Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH manages to get full marks from its users by offering silent performance during the drying process. Thanks to its superior technology and low consumption, this machine allows you to save energy, protecting your environment and reducing your bill.

Here are all the details about the Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH Dryer;

Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH Design

The Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH dryer has a stylish and modern look with its white housing and black-cut door. The panel screen is illuminated with LED lights, making it easier for users to read settings and make choices. Thanks to its lid structure that can be opened in any direction, it adapts to you for the most suitable positioning.

Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH Capacity

With a drying capacity of 9 kilograms, the Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH dries all the laundry of a large family effectively and quickly. At the same time, it helps you achieve an effective result by personalizing its use with different programs.

Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH Security

Inner boiler lighting There is
Child lock There is
Postpone the end There is

Thanks to the light in the drum of the Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH, users can clearly see everything inside the dryer. In this way it is possible to prevent possible accidents and to ensure the safety of the goods.

If this machine is supported by the child lock, children can be prevented from accessing the machine and accidents can be prevented.

Thanks to the delayed end function, it is also possible to set a time at which you want to end the drying process. While this feature gives you flexibility, you can also continue the drying process as you wish.

Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH Size and weight

Height 850mm
Width 600mm
Depth 600mm
Weight 49kg

Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH tumble dryer; Designed with a width of 600 mm, a height of 850 mm and a depth of 600 mm, it has a compact and ergonomic shape. With a weight of 49 kilograms, this machine, which you can easily take anywhere, does not fail to offer a large drying space for the laundry.

Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH Technical specifications

  • Capacity 9 kilograms
  • Quick program of 35 minutes
  • Optimal drying
  • Adjustable cover
  • Compact and modern design
  • 2 in 1 filters
  • Energy class A++
  • heat pump technology

Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH Power consumption

Annual energy consumption 258 kWh
Energy efficiency class A++
Volume 65dB
Condensing efficiency class B

The Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH dryer offers environmentally friendly use with its 258 kWh energy consumption and A++ energy efficiency class. In this way, by saving energy, it contributes both to the protection of natural resources and to the reduction of the bills of the homeowners.

It is possible to keep the silence in the house while using this dryer, the noise level of which is set at 65 dB. Condensation efficiency class is B and it collects water effectively, which consumes less energy during the drying process.

Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH Programs and Usage

Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH

The Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH dryer allows users to control the drying process more precisely thanks to the dryness level settings. In addition, the drying rack function helps to prevent creases by ensuring that the laundry is dried properly.

The drying time selector feature allows users to set the drying time of their laundry as desired. The Mixed Garment Bubble/Moisture Alarm helps users to better monitor the dryness level of their laundry while ensuring that their laundry is completely dry.

This machine, which also has an anti-crease function, prevents the laundry from creasing and provides a smoother appearance. Equipped with the ideal drying system, the Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH enables you to dry your laundry in the best way and maintain its quality for a long time.

Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH tumble dryer,

  • duvet cover
  • Drive fast
  • Cotton
  • delicate clothing
  • mixed clothes
  • Shirts
  • synthetic fabrics

It offers special drying programs for different types of laundry. Thanks to these programs it is possible to dry your laundry according to its characteristics.

Thanks to all these functions and programs, the Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH dryer enables its users to dry their laundry in the best way and make their life easier.

Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH User Reviews

Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH

👤 *** ***: This dryer is really cool. The drying times are very short and the drying process is very efficient. I mainly use it for bedding and the result is really excellent. I also like that it prevents the clothes from wrinkling.

👤 *** ***: The dryer is very quiet. We used to be unable to do anything because of the noise throughout the house during drying, but this problem is no longer present. In addition, the energy efficiency is very high, the annual energy consumption is quite low.

👤 *** ***: The light in the dryer is very useful. Especially when drying black colored laundry, it is very useful to illuminate the inside.

👤 *** ***: Very practical is that the door of the dryer can be opened in all directions. We had to turn the door upside down to fit it next to the washing machine in our house and this feature really made our job easier.

👤 *** ***: The child lock on the dryer is very important, especially for families with small children. This way children don’t have access to the dryer and I feel safe.

👤 *** ***: The dryer’s quick-dry function really works. I use this function when I need to quickly dry a piece of clothing or laundry and it is dry in a very short time.

👤 *** ***: The condensation efficiency class of the dryer is slightly low. It is necessary to empty the water tank regularly.

👤 *** ***: The dryer’s drying time selection function is a bit complicated. At first it was difficult to use.

Editor’s Comments

Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH

If you often have to wash clothes, the Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH tumble dryer may be the ideal choice for you, allowing you to dry your laundry quickly and easily.

Thanks to the drying level settings, this machine’s drying rack, which gently dries your laundry, also helps to dry your laundry properly and prevent creases.

The drying time selector feature allows users to set the drying time of their laundry as desired. The bell/moisture alarm for mixed garments helps you monitor the dryness level of your laundry while making sure your laundry is completely dry.

This machine, which stands out for its anti-crease structure, helps to make your laundry look neater and cleaner. Thanks to this feature, it is also possible for you to get a more professional look by preventing your laundry from creasing.

If you’re looking for a dryer that uses less energy and is more economical, you might choose the Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH dryer. This tumble dryer also helps you save energy and contributes to both your budget and the environment.

In this section we answer the questions about the Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH tumble dryer.

How many kilograms of washing capacity does the Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH dryer have?

The washing capacity of the Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH dryer is set at 9 kg.

How to maintain Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH?

The Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH dryer is very maintenance-friendly. Regular cleaning of the filter, wiping the drum and door seals with a damp cloth, and regular airing of the dryer are part of the maintenance work.

What is the energy class of the Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH?

The Samsung DV90TA040AE/AH tumble dryer is classified for energy efficiency class A++.

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