Samsung DW60M5052FW Features and User Reviews

Samsung’s DW60M5052FW has extremely impressive features when it comes to dishwashing. This dishwasher stands out for its energy-saving features and environmentally friendly design. In this content, we have carefully researched all the details about the Samsung DW60M5052FW for you. If you’re ready, let’s get started

Samsung DW60M5052FW Features

Capacity 13
Weight 49kg
Number of programs 5
Remote control No
Volume 48dB
Type Solo

Samsung DW60M5052FW Dishwasher

The Samsung DW60M5052FW stands out for its energy-efficient features and eco-friendly design and manages to get full marks from its users with its ideal structure for large families. However, with its quiet operation, it manages to keep your comfort at the forefront.

Here are all the details about the Samsung DW60M5052FW dishwasher;

Samsung DW60M5052FW Design

Thanks to its large LED display, the Samsung DW60M5052FW makes it easy to follow the washing process of your dishes and practical to start and finish. Notable for its height adjustment mechanism, this model helps you to comfortably position your machine the way you want.

The half load function, on the other hand, provides a user-friendly approach for small-scale washes and saves energy. This feature plays an important role, both for your budget and for the environment.

With a striking and stylish design, the Samsung DW60M5052FW dishwasher adds a modern touch to your kitchen and draws attention with its functionality.

Samsung DW60M5052FW Capacity

With a capacity of 13 people, the Samsung DW60M5052FW plays a savior role for large families or guests. Designed to help you do all the dishes in one go, this machine also helps you do more by spending less time. In addition, the half load function makes it possible to save energy and water in small-scale washes.

Samsung DW60M5052FW

Samsung DW60M5052FW Security

Child lock There is
Delayed start There is
Wash at high temperature There is

The Samsung DW60M5052FW has a child lock that prevents the little ones from accidentally starting and ending actions. The delayed start function allows you to start the machine at any time in the future. With this feature, you don’t have to worry if your time is limited or your child is awake. At the same time, with the high-temperature washing function, all your dishes are washed in a hygienic and clean way, leaving you satisfied.

Samsung DW60M5052FW Dimensions

Height 845mm
Width 598mm
Depth 600mm
Weight 49kg

Samsung DW60M5052FW; Thanks to its height of 845 mm, width of 598 mm and depth of 600 mm, it adapts easily to all kitchen cabinets. This model, which stands out for its compact structure, reveals its difference with its weight of only 49 kilograms.

Samsung DW60M5052FW Technical specifications

  • 13 person capacity
  • Annual energy consumption of 295 kWh
  • 49 kilograms weight
  • Adjustable basket
  • Large led screen support
  • 5 program options
  • Safety with child lock
  • Stylish and modern design

Samsung DW60M5052FW Power consumption

Annual energy consumption 295 kWh
Cycle energy consumption 104 kWh
Energy efficiency class F
Water consumption 12L
Volume 48dB

The Samsung DW60M5052FW dishwasher pleases its users in terms of energy efficiency thanks to its annual energy consumption of 295 kWh and an energy consumption cycle of 104 kWh. In addition to its F-class energy efficiency, the water consumption of this machine, which uses only 12 liters of water per revolution, is also very economical and low.

The Samsung DW60M5052FW dishwasher, with a noise level of 48 dB, has moderate energy efficiency and economical water consumption.

Samsung DW60M5052FW User Reviews

Samsung DW60M5052FW

👤 *** ***: Samsung is very good at white goods. I was very happy with it, as with any product. It washes the dishes perfectly, no traces remain.

👤 *** ***: I am very satisfied. I know Samsung’s service network is wide, so I chose it, they never misled. I use it intensively.

👤 *** ***: We bought it for my mother, she has been using another brand for years with no results. The energy consumption is also low and good. My mother was very pleased.

👤 *** ***: We are very satisfied with the dishwasher, it is very easy to use and looks great. It fits very well in my kitchen, thank you to those who contributed.

👤 *** ***: If you are thinking about buying it, don’t even think about it, buy it directly. I was very satisfied. I use it intensively. My dishes come out like a mess.

👤 *** ***: Samsung dishwasher is great. I have seen dishes washed by other brands of dishwashers before and had residue on them. I don’t want to buy a dishwasher just because I have a small amount of dishes, I was washing dishes by hand. In the end I couldn’t resist and decided to buy it. Glad I got it, I wasted my time.

👤 *** ***: No short program correct. I do not like. Unfortunately it takes long hours.

👤 *** ***: The inner basket is out of shape, so very difficult to insert. Seems useless to me.

Our final decision

Samsung DW60M5052FW

Thanks to its high performance and ease of use, the Samsung DW60M5052FW offers a lot of convenience during dishwashing.

You can easily wash all your dishes in one wash with this machine, which offers a very large space with its capacity of 13 people. Choosing the program I need by choosing between the programs brings the usage to a practical point.

In addition, the machine runs very quietly. You can create a quiet environment in the comfort of your home without being exposed to noise during the washing process.

Although the energy class of the machine is F, it is quite economical due to its water-saving properties. By using only 12 liters of water per wash, you help to protect nature and reduce the costs of water consumption reflected on your bill.

Finally, the machine also offers a cutlery basket and a child lock. While it ensures that forks, knives and spoons can be easily washed, it prevents children from accidentally opening the machine. In short, the Samsung DW60M5052FW will be a good choice in terms of use and savings.

In this section we answer the questions about the Samsung DW60M5052FW dishwasher.

How many dishes does the Samsung DW60M5052FW dishwasher hold?

The Samsung DW60M5052FW dishwasher has a capacity of 13 places. This means that the machine can wash 13 plates, glasses and cutlery in one wash.

What is the energy class of the Samsung DW60M5052FW dishwasher?

The Samsung DW60M5052FW dishwasher falls into energy class F. This indicates that the machine is average in terms of energy efficiency.

How much water does the Samsung DW60M5052FW dishwasher use?

The Samsung DW60M5052FW dishwasher uses approximately 12 liters of water per wash. This indicates that the machine is water efficient.

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