Samsung GE83X Microwave Review & Features & Ratings

Microwave ovens are designed to heat up and prepare your meals quickly and conveniently. With its stylish design and useful features, the Samsung GE83X/AND 23 microwave oven is an ideal choice for preparing all kinds of meals in the kitchen.

Samsung GE83X features

power 1200 watts
Internal volume 23L
Weight 13kg
Heat setting There is
Installation type Solo

Samsung GE83X microwave

Samsung GE83X has a structure that brings the modern look to your kitchens with its mirrored design. This microwave oven, which stands out not only for its grill function but also for its large capacity, increases the traceability of your meals with its LED lighting. At the same time, you can give each dish the attention it needs with different heating modes.

Here are all the details about the Samsung GE83X microwave oven:

Samsung GE83X Technical Specifications

  • 23 liters internal volume
  • Triple heating system
  • Mirror design
  • Eco mode for energy saving
  • Ceramic inlay support
  • 1200 watts of power
  • Solo installation type
  • Support for LED lighting

Samsung GE83X Capacity

Capacity 23L
Turntable 288mm
Power level 6

The Samsung GE83X/AND 23 microwave is a microwave with a capacity of 23 liters. This machine, which takes up little space on your countertop, also offers enough space to prepare your meals thanks to its 288 mm turntable. Thus, it manages to reveal its functionality.

Samsung GE83X design

Samsung GE83X

The black GE83X/AND 23 has a stylish design that matches your kitchen decor. Thanks to the touchscreen, it is easy to use and does not leave fingerprints. The push button door makes it easy to control the food in the oven.

Samsung GE83X Dimension

Height 275mm
Width 489mm
Depth 354mm
Weight 13kg

With a height of 275mm, a width of 489mm and a depth of 354mm, the Samsung GE83X will easily fit into most kitchens. It is also very practical to take with you thanks to its weight of 13 kg. With these features, the Samsung GE83X microwave proves to be an ideal option for those who want to save space in their kitchen and are looking for an easy to carry microwave.

Samsung GE83X Installation

The Samsung GE83X/AND 23 microwave oven is designed as a stand-alone oven and is ready for easy installation. Plugging the oven into the wall socket is sufficient for use. No special equipment or service required for internal installation. This ensures convenience without bothering you.

Samsung GE83X Benefits

Samsung GE83X

The Samsung GE83X/AND 23 microwave has many advantages. The Eco mode function protects the environment by saving energy in standby mode. Thanks to the Triple Distribution System, your meals are evenly and completely cooked, perfectly prepared and deliciously presented. Ceramic inner coating has a smooth surface that is easy to clean, does not scratch and does not lose its color over time. This helps it to guide you through long-term use.

Samsung GE83X Cons

The Samsung GE83X/AND 23 microwave does not come with a grid for the grill function. Also, the output power of the oven may not be enough for some users. Despite all these features, the fact that it has many beneficial features makes the Samsung GE83X microwave oven worth a try.

Samsung GE83X user reviews

Samsung GE83X

Here are the positive and negative comments from Samsung GE83X users:

💬 The product is successful because of its microwave and grill functions. There are also short programs. It’s not very loud. It does not splash liquids at all. Easy to use. He does his job well.

💬 I really love the product. It is very practical to use, but the edge is broken off. I know from the comments that there are many people with this problem. You also have to really press the button to open the cover. I don’t know if it was my luck or not. And I heated rice. I can easily say that it gets equally warm everywhere.

💬 The product is very stylish and convenient. Everything is fresh and hot in 1-2 minutes. Having a grill function is also a big plus in my opinion. We were very satisfied.

💬 The product is beautiful. I can say that it is the most beautiful product that can be bought as f/p in the microwave category. It is convenient both visually and in terms of use.

💬 The product is an average size, don’t look at the fact that it says 23 liters or that it is too big to fit in the comments. Wherever you place it in your kitchen, you get a tool that does its job as a stylish product. The mirror on the windshield looks very stylish. I was very satisfied.

💬 I am using a microwave for the first time, I bought it for my little child. It heats products such as water and milk in 20 seconds. The outer part is thin, but I don’t think there will be a problem if no weight is put on it. The lid opens automatically when the button is pressed. It’s no problem to hold it by hand and open it, it looks a bit inward. It’s good that it’s a Samsung brand.

💬 It is a stylish product, the keys are nice. I found it lighter than the older models. All necessary accessories come out of the box, no need to buy anything extra. If you use it for the first time, please put the board carefully, it is a bit delicate because it is made of glass.

💬 The product is very beautiful, it came out bigger than we expected, it is good for heating and defrosting, we have not tried the grill yet. We were satisfied.

💬 The only problem is that the mirror is not visible from the inside, it is visually beautiful when not in use, but it would be much nicer if the inside could be seen when in use.

💬 The outer surface of the oven is made of very thin and weak metal; easily crushed and prone to bending. The grill element hangs down from the ceiling of the oven (like mini home ovens with grills). Those with grills embedded in the oven are more useful.

Scoring and rating

The Samsung GE83X microwave oven is an ideal choice, designed to help you at any time in the kitchen with its stylish design, convenient features and energy-saving Eco Mode feature. This microwave, which offers long-lasting use thanks to its high-resistance ceramic inner coating, also manages to satisfy its users with its compact structure. Our score for this oven, which brings cutting-edge technology into its extraordinary design, is 8 out of 10.

In this section of our content, we answer frequently asked questions about the Samsung GE83X microwave oven.

How to defrost Samsung microwave?

The Samsung GE83X microwave oven stands out for this practical decoding process. To defrost frozen food with this appliance

  • Frozen foods are placed on the ceramic plate.
  • The oven door is closed.
  • The Quick defrost function is selected.
  • The type of food is determined by the adjustment knob.

What does the Samsung microwave grill function do?

With the Samsung GE83X, you can quickly and effectively brown the top of prepared dishes. The grill function can be selected after the food you want to cook has been placed in the oven. The oven heats the top of the dish with intense heat, bakes it and provides a crispy crust.

What is the power of the Samsung GE83X/AND 23 microwave?

The power of the Samsung GE83X microwave is 800 watts. In addition, it offers versatile use by being supported by different heating powers.

What functions does the Samsung GE83X/AND 23 microwave have?

Samsung GE83X has child lock, automatic cooking programs, defrost function, 30 second extra function and digital clock functions.

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