Samsung MS23J5133AT/EN Review: Features and Notes

Microwave ovens, one of the must-have items in kitchens, have become very popular these days. These appliances, which save time and make it easier for us to prepare delicious meals, are an indispensable item in the kitchen of every home. The Samsung MS23J5133AT/TR also enhances the pleasure of home cooking with its superior technology and features. This content provides detailed information about the Samsung MS23J5133AT/TR microwave oven.

Samsung MS23J5133AT/EN Specifications

power 800 watts
Internal volume 23L
Weight 12kg
Heat setting There is
Installation type Solo

Samsung MS23J5133AT/TR Microwave

Samsung MS23J5133AT/TR takes its place among the must-have items in modern kitchens. Appreciated by amateur and professional chefs alike for its creative design, useful features and powerful performance, this microwave oven makes cooking easier and more fun with its child lock, LED display and multiple heat settings.

Here are all the details about the Samsung MS23J5133AT/TR microwave:

Samsung MS23J5133AT/TR Technical specifications

  • 800 watts of power
  • 23 liters internal volume
  • 6 power levels
  • LED indicator function
  • Powerful defrost
  • Turntable of 288 mm
  • Eco mode function
  • Energy-efficient operation

Samsung MS23J5133AT/EN Capacity

Capacity 23L
Diameter turntable 288mm
Powerful defrost There is

The Samsung MS23J5133AT/TR offers a large preparation space with an oven capacity of 23 liters. This capacity has enough space to prepare several dishes at the same time during meal preparation. In addition, the 288mm turntable in the oven ensures that all sides of the food are cooked evenly. This makes it easier for you to prepare delicious food.

Samsung MS23J5133AT/GB Design

Samsung MS23J5133AT/EN

The Samsung MS23J5133AT/TR Freestanding Microwave Oven has a stylish and modern design. It gives your kitchen a stylish look with its stainless steel and reflective properties. The ceramic coating in the oven ensures long-term use thanks to its scratch resistance.

Samsung MS23J5133AT/GB format

Height 27.5cm
Width 48.9cm
Depth 37.4cm
Weight 12kg

Samsung MS23J5133AT/EN; It is 48.9 cm wide, 27.5 cm high and 37.4 cm deep. These dimensions make it easy to place the oven in any kitchen. In addition, with its weight of 12 kilograms, it is very easy to transport.

Samsung MS23J5133AT/GB Installation

The Samsung MS23J5133AT/TR microwave oven is very user-friendly thanks to the solo installation type. You can easily prepare the oven for use by following the steps in the user manual. It is also very easy to clean thanks to the ceramic coating in the oven.

Samsung MS23J5133AT-EN Benefits

Samsung MS23J5133AT/EN

The Samsung MS23J5133AT/TR freestanding microwave offers many benefits to its users. Thanks to the food heating function, it keeps the food at the right temperature without overcooking and makes it ready to serve as if it were freshly cooked without losing its taste. In addition, the Power Defrost function allows you to defrost frozen food quickly and evenly. This way it is also possible to heat up your food in a shorter time without diluting it.

Samsung MS23J5133AT/EN Disadvantages

The disadvantages of the Samsung MS23J5133AT/TR include the size problem: large sizes of food can be difficult to prepare. Cleaning this oven can be a bit tricky after using liquid food. However, the Samsung MS23J5133AT/TR oven manages to be worth a try with its modern design and functional features.

Samsung MS23J5133AT/EN User Reviews

Samsung MS23J5133AT/EN

Here are the positive and negative comments from Samsung MS23J5133AT/TR users:

💬 Because it’s digital, it appeals to more young people. It’s a bit complicated to use. Very different from analog devices. Don’t doubt the performance, because even though it is 850 watts, it does the job well.

💬 I can say that it works quietly enough in terms of sound. Although the light is on inside, you may not be able to see it because the cover is black and mirrored. But I don’t think it’s a big problem. Child lock is available and convenient.

💬 I like it very much, it is wide and very useful. I cut my stale bread into cubes for 5 minutes, then I made soup, it came to a good breadcrumb consistency. I was very pleased with my first experience.

💬 A great product, my mother had it too, she has been using a Samsung microwave for years and I bought it for myself as a dowry.

💬 As for the product, don’t hesitate, such a product at this price will not cause any quality problems. It does not have a grill function and is therefore not used as an oven anyway.

💬 I can say that it is a value for money product, no need to spend so much money on other models. The volume is quite large, all types of plates fit. Heating modes are also very diverse. I was very satisfied.

💬 I bought it to use in the office, it’s been about a year, the performance is good. We only use the food warming function. It looks very stylish on the counter. I think it is enough to compare the features, performance and price. The windshield is a little dark inside, it looks a little off. For this reason, I hesitated, but while using it, I realized that it was not very important.

💬 We haven’t opened it yet. I bought it for my daughter’s dowry. I’ve been using microwaves for thirty-three years.

💬 The fuse is constantly blowing out, I’ve seen a lot of comments like this. But Samsung does not admit that the model has chronic problems. It is very difficult to press the keys. And the lid release button isn’t very good either.

💬 The cover is crooked. There was a scratch on the screen. And I didn’t like the quality of the material. I don’t recommend it.

Scoring and rating

The Samsung MS23J5133AT/TR microwave is distinguished by a user-friendly control panel, an easy-to-clean interior and glass plates. In addition to different cooking modes, it is also distinguished by different power levels. Our score for this microwave, which adds color to your kitchen with its modern design, is an 8 out of 10.

In this part of our content we answer frequently asked questions about the Samsung MS23J5133AT/TR microwave oven.

How many watts is the Samsung MS23J5133AT/TR microwave?

The Samsung MS23J5133AT/TR microwave has a power of 800 watts. For example, it helps you to choose your ideal temperature by offering different degrees of heating.

How many liters is the Samsung MS23J5133AT/TR microwave?

The Samsung MS23J5133AT/TR microwave has a capacity of 23 liters.

How do I clean the Samsung MS23J5133AT/TR microwave?

To clean the Samsung MS23J5133AT/TR microwave oven, it is first necessary to wipe off the food residues on the inside with a cloth or sponge. You can then clean all interior surfaces with hot soapy water or microwave cleaner.

What does the Samsung MS23J5133AT/TR microwave cost?

The price of the Samsung MS23J5133AT/TR microwave oven varies by store and region. You can open the links in our content to know the current price.

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