Samsung RZ20BG3000WW Review – Reviews and Features

The Samsung RZ20BG3000WW freezer is a high-quality appliance designed for today’s needs. With its large interior volume and strong freezing performance, this freezer does not fail to save energy while protecting your frozen products.

Whether you use it at home or at work, the Samsung RZ20BG3000WW freezer always helps you to meet your needs. The streamlined design and cleverly placed shelves make it easy to organize and access your food.

In addition, thanks to Samsung’s innovative technology, this freezer operates silently and performs superiorly in terms of energy efficiency. So it is possible to reduce your energy bill while maintaining the quality of your food. When everyone is ready, let’s move on to the details of the Samsung RZ20BG3000WW freezer.

Samsung RZ20BG3000WW Specifications

Net capacity 188 l
Freezer Volume 188 l
Cooler volume 0 L
Measurement 1470x540x628mm
Annual energy consumption 286 kWh
Energy class F

Samsung RZ20BG3000WW Freezer

The Samsung RZ20BG3000WW freezer is supported by high-quality materials and advanced technology. Therefore, it offers a long-lasting and reliable use. In this way, it not only protects the freshness and quality of your frozen products, but also takes the health of you and your family into account.

Samsung RZ20BG3000WW Specifications

  • Content 188 litres
  • Low energy consumption
  • Stylish and modern design
  • Replaceable door handle function
  • Ergonomic design with door handle
  • Large volume drawer
  • 2 compartments, 4 drawers
  • compact dimensions

Samsung RZ20BG3000WW Design

Thanks to its stylish and practical design, the Samsung RZ20BG3000WW freezer is not only an eye-catcher, but also very easy to use. With its large capacity, large drawers and ergonomic door handle, it helps you to easily store your food supplies around the house.

The Samsung RZ20BG3000WW reveals its functionality with its minimalist design and fits perfectly in every corner of your home. The product, whose functionality is not ignored, can be placed according to the needs of the users with its changeable door direction.

The freezer’s ergonomic door handle allows users to open and close it with ease. At the same time, the large volume of the drawers allows users to fit more products by storing their food in an organized way.

Samsung RZ20BG3000WW Dimensions

Height 1470mm
Width 540mm
Depth 628mm

The Samsung RZ20BG3000WW freezer is a product with a height of 1470 mm, a width of 540 mm and a depth of 628 mm. With these dimensions, it helps you take up less space compared to its competitors. This makes it possible to use the space of your home or business efficiently.

Samsung RZ20BG3000WW Capacity and Volume

The Samsung RZ20BG3000WW freezer is an ideal option for storing food at home with its large volume thanks to its 188 liter capacity. With two easily accessible compartments and four deep drawers, you can easily and neatly store your food.

The freezer’s two easy-access compartments allow users to easily access the items they use most. This way you don’t waste time looking for your food and you save time. In addition, you can store your products clearly with four deep drawers. This way your food stays fresh for longer in the freezer and can be stored without spoiling.

Samsung RZ20BG3000WW

Samsung RZ20BG3000WW Cooling and freezing volume

Net Volume 188 l
Cooler capacity 0 L
Freezer Capacity 188 l

Samsung RZ20BG3000WW Electricity consumption

The Samsung RZ20BG3000WW freezer consumes 286 kWh of electricity per year and has energy class F. This energy class indicates that the appliance has a higher energy consumption than other models. Thus, it contributes to the electricity bill of your home or business. a

Thanks to the No-Frost technology, the Samsung RZ20BG3000WW freezer does not have to be defrosted manually, which ensures lower energy consumption. In addition, the capacity and interior design of the device helps you save energy by storing food and drinks in an orderly manner.

Samsung RZ20BG3000WW

Samsung RZ20BG3000WW Energy class

Energy class F
Electricity usage 286 kWh

Samsung RZ20BG3000WW User Reviews

👤 *** ***: The product was beautiful, we liked it, the shipping was fast and they brought it undamaged, I called for the installation and they came and installed it on the day I wanted, thank you. Two of the top drawers are shaped like drawers, but the bottom drawer is half the size of the other small drawers, otherwise we liked it, thank you.

👤 *** ***: I bought the product by looking at the comments here, the product is very good. Cooling is also very good, I recommend.

👤 *** ***: A small freezer enough for a family of 3 does the job for me.

👤 *** ***: I checked the comments while purchasing the product. I felt the need to comment on it. The product was indeed a very good week, I wanted to use the product and write such a comment. Definitely Samsung quality, ideal for nuclear families, is in the middle.

👤 *** ***: I have been actively using Samsung in the fridge for 20 years and it has never had a failure until now, so Samsung is my choice in the freezer. Good thing I have it.

👤 *** ***: It was worth it when I bought it, it looks very small from the outside, but it is a product with a huge interior. If you don’t buy it at this price, you will regret it.

👤 *** ***: The product is more than perfect. Cooling is great, very roomy inside, I recommend it.

👤 *** ***: It works very loud and can be heard even in other rooms of our house. Also, it’s a bit difficult to set the temperature, sometimes the freezer gets frozen and the temperature doesn’t go down. I don’t recommend it.

👤 *** ***: I bought the Samsung RZ20BG3000WW 1 year ago and have not had any problems until now. However, the capacity of the product is very small and not suitable for families who do not have enough space. Also, the door of the product is quite heavy and difficult to open.”

👤 *** ***: It consumes a lot of energy and increased our bill. We also had occasional icing issues.

Editor’s Comments

Samsung RZ20BG3000WW

If you are looking for a new freezer for your home, we recommend that you take a look at the Samsung RZ20BG3000WW. This freezer stands out for its stylish design, large storage space and energy efficiency.

To talk about the design, it has a classy look with its white color. So it is possible to increase the elegance of your home by adapting to the whole home decoration. It has a highly functional structure with its compact dimensions. Thanks to these features, it manages to create an ideal option for small houses, apartments or small businesses.

One of the most important features of the Samsung RZ20BG3000WW freezer is the support with No-Frost technology. With this technology, the problem of icing is avoided. So it saves you money by reducing energy consumption while preserving the performance of the device.

The interior of the freezer is quite spacious and convenient. Thanks to the 188-liter capacity, you can easily store your food and drinks. In addition, there are 4 drawers and 2 shelves. These drawers and shelves help you organize your storage space and organize your groceries.

Another important feature is the highly successful energy efficiency performance. This freezer is equipped with energy class F and only consumes 286 kWh of energy per year. Although this is slightly higher than with other models, it provides significant savings in energy consumption.

This makes the Samsung RZ20BG3000WW freezer with its stylish design, large storage space and energy-efficient features an ideal freezer model that you can use at home. Thus, it manages to satisfy you in every possible way.

In this part of our content, we answer frequently asked questions about the Samsung RZ20BG3000WW freezer. Here are frequently asked questions about the Samsung RZ20BG3000WW:

How many liters does the Samsung RZ20BG3000WW freezer have?

The Samsung RZ20BG3000WW freezer has a capacity of 188 liters.

How many drawers and shelves does the Samsung RZ20BG3000WW freezer have?

The Samsung RZ20BG3000WW freezer has 4 drawers and 2 shelves.

Does the Samsung RZ20BG3000WW freezer have No-Frost technology?

Yes, the Samsung RZ20BG3000WW freezer has No-Frost technology. In this way manual defrosting is not necessary and ice formation is prevented and contributes to lower energy consumption.

For which areas of application is the Samsung RZ20BG3000WW freezer suitable?

The Samsung RZ20BG3000WW freezer is ideal for small homes, apartments or small businesses. Its large storage space, stylish design and energy efficiency make it the perfect choice for organizing and storing your food and drinks.

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