Scary warning from the Turkish Society of Dermatology: Look now, it’s a sign of melanoma cancer!

Göktay stated that the deformities on the nails can sometimes be overlooked and pointed out that the dark lines in these areas could be a harbinger of major health problems.

Prof. Dr. Göktay stated that the brown-black dye called “melanin”, which is found in the skin and determines the skin color of humans, is produced by cells called “melanocytes” and conveyed the following information: “The brown and black color change that occurs in the nails, the increase in the number of melanocytes under the nails and the dye may develop as a result of starting to produce.

This can be congenital or develop later. It can be seen throughout the nail, linear and pointwise. This condition, which can be under the nail, in all or part of a nail, can be caused by a benign mole or could indicate a cancer called melanoma.

Regarding the seriousness of nail melanoma, Göktay warned: “Nail melanoma is the most serious nail disease that threatens life. Most nail melanomas begin as a longitudinal brown-black line, a band on the nail.

To a lesser extent, nail melanomas may present as pink to red discoloration without brownish-black discoloration. For the definitive diagnosis of the disease, a biopsy should be taken from the diseased area under the nail and pathological examination should be performed.

prof. Dr Göktay stated that many factors such as toenails rubbing against shoes while walking, nail biting habits, various medications, pregnancy, hormonal diseases, treatment of skin diseases with ultraviolet, vitamin B12 deficiency, genetic predisposition, activating dormant melanocytes under the nails and dark cause discoloration that is not associated with melanoma. Told me it could.

Expressing that the disease can be treated by surgically removing the lesion if the disease is diagnosed early, Prof. Dr. Göktay said: “If the disease is treated in the initial period before it progresses to the lower layers of the skin, it can be 100% be healed. Therefore, for the differential diagnosis and treatment of all color changes in the nails, a dermatologist should be consulted immediately. It should be remembered that life-threatening nail diseases can only be cured with proper diagnosis and early treatment.

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