Schafer Classic Pressure Cooker Features and Reviews

Pressure cookers are among our greatest helpers in the kitchen, making food both faster and tastier. A quality pressure cooker helps us cook more safely. The Schafer classic, which is among the best pressure cookers, is praised by its users. For this reason, this content we have prepared covers the Schafer Classic Pressure Cooker in every aspect. Here are the features and user reviews of Schafer’s classic pressure cooker…

Features of the Schafer Classic Pressure Cooker

Body material Stainless steel
Capacity 9 L
base Capsule base
Induction compatibility No
Removable handle No
Level No

Schafer Classic Pressure Cooker Review

Schafer Classic pressure cooker, which is suitable for those who cannot give up classic pressure cookers, offers a lifetime of use with its material quality. Thanks to its bottom that distributes the heat evenly, this pressure cooker, which allows the food to swell evenly inside, scores all the points of large families with its 9 liter capacity.

  • Content 9 litres
  • 18/10 stainless steel
  • Induction compatible soleplate
  • Bakelite handles

Schafer Classic pressure cooker body material

The Schafer Classic pressure cooker is made of high-quality stainless steel and stands out for its durability. Thanks to the base, which provides superior heat distribution, you can save energy while ensuring that food is cooked evenly. At the same time, you can use it safely thanks to the safety clamping system on the lid of the jar.

Classic Schafer design features

Body material Stainless steel
Clock display No
One-handed opening No
base Induction compatible

How to use Schafer Classic?

Schafer classic pressure cooker

Fill your Schafer Classic pressure cooker with your food up to the maximum level. Then place the lid in the jar and close the locking system at the back. When you close it completely, you will hear a closing sound. Then lift the whistle part before taking it to the stove.

When your food starts to cook, the whistle will make a sound. When you hear this sound, you should lower the bottom of your food and lower the whistle part. When your food is cooked, you need to close the bottom of the pan and wait for 5 minutes, then slowly lift the whistle part. In this part, don’t rush and make sure that the air in your pressure cooker is completely vented. If you are sure that the pressure inside is completely gone, you can easily open the opening of your pressure cooker by turning the opening handle of the pan in the opposite direction.

Schafer classic cooking times

Veal 40 minutes
Beef 45-60 minutes
Lamb meat 30 minutes
Carrot 10-15 minutes
Green beans 25 minutes
Whole chicken 35-40 minutes
Haricot 40 minutes

Schafer classic capacity

Thanks to the large volume, you can easily cook more dishes with Schafer Classic. With a capacity of 9 litres, this pot offers a wide range of uses, from family dinners to invitation tables, and is appreciated for being suitable for use on all stovetops.

Schafer classic pressure cooker

Schafer Classic Pressure Cooker Cleaning

Cleaning the pressure cooker Classic from Schafer, which is very easy to use, is just as easy. With this pressure cooker, where you can throw both the lid part and the pot part into the machine, you are practically in the kitchen. In addition, this saucepan, which looks like you just bought it every time you use it, adds elegance to your kitchen because it does not stain both inside and out.

Schafer Classic Pressure Cooker Reviews

Schafer classic pressure cooker

👤 It cooks nicely, we are satisfied. MINE***

👤 The product is great. We made the first attempt, it’s very fun to cook. H***** A****

👤 It arrived in a really spotless and nicely packaged condition, thank you. A**** G****

👤 Hello friends, the product is a famous brand, you can use it with confidence. S**** G****

👤 I bought it as a gift for my mom and she said she was very happy with it. Thank you B**** Ö****

👤 Beautiful product that met my needs just as I expected. G**** F***

👤 I bought it on sale. We were very satisfied. You can buy it safely. T**** T****

👤 A quality product. I like using it. H*** F***

👤 I bought it for my dowry, I haven’t experienced it yet, but it looks nice. NS****

👤 Just as we wanted, the product of other brands is very polite and convenient because of the wide and vertical length, thank you for the fast shipping and delivery. HUNGRY****

👤 Although it is 9 liters, it is polite and useful. Ideal for fans of the classic pressure cooker. HUNGRY****

👤 The classic pressure cooker does the job that the most expensive do, and is of high quality. E***** C****

👤 Just don’t buy a smaller one. The product is a nice price performance number 10 quality. Fat****

👤 We decided to buy the product after reading the reviews and we are very happy with it. I advise. R**** A****

👤 I bought it for myself and now I ordered it for my mother, because I am very satisfied. Although it is 9 litres, it looks small and soft, deep and very handy. for those who can’t give up the classic. Unbreakable, unbreakable, no detail, simple and fast. I advise. M***** A****

How many liters is the Schafer Classic pressure cooker?

The Schafer Classic pressure cooker model is available in 5.7 and 9 liter sizes. This way you can choose the size you need.

How many years is Schafer Classic guaranteed?

Schafer Classic pressure cooker offers its users confidence with its 2-year warranty. It offers a repair or replacement guarantee for 2 years for all kinds of problems that arise on the pot.

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