Scorching hot warning for pregnant women: You shouldn’t go out in the afternoon

The scorching summer heat hits the whole country. Besides people with chronic illnesses and children, pregnant women are among those most affected by hot weather. Especially those who are in the last months of their pregnancy suffer from the hot summer days. Making a statement on the subject, gynecology and obstetrics specialist Prof. Dr. Faruk Buyru warned the pregnant women. Buyru noted that one should not go out in the afternoon when the sun is intense and stressed that attention should also be paid to excessive weight gain. Professor, who also warned about the edema problem that pregnant women often complain about. Dr. Buyru stated that avoiding salt and keeping feet elevated while resting, especially in the evening, are some of the precautions to take.

“Pregnant women can have a hard time in hot weather”

Gynecology and obstetrics specialist Prof. Dr. Faruk Buyru emphasized that pregnant women feel the temperature more through hormones: “The hormone progesterone, which is high during pregnancy, is a hormone that raises the body temperature. A hormone that raises the body temperature by 0.3-0.5 degrees. The high temperature makes the temperature more tangible. Pregnant women carry an extra burden. This is due to both the baby and the weight they gain. This can lead to negative results in blood volume and the heart rate. If they are added, they can have serious problems,” he said.

“Don’t drink sugary and fizzy drinks”

Stating that pregnant women should make sure to drink plenty of water to comfortably pass through the scorching summer heat, Prof. Dr. Faruk Buyru said, “Sweet and carbonated drinks should not be drunk. They both upset the stomach and lead to excessive calorie intake. Drinking too much tea and coffee also causes more water loss from the body. Pregnant women’s first choice of drink should be to drink plenty of water. lose a lot of water. should not sit in a wet swimsuit after the pool or the sea. This can lead to infections. Vaginal infection in pregnant women carries the risk of premature birth and many problems,” he said.

“You shouldn’t go out when the sun is high”

Expressing that one should not go out during the hours when the sun is high, Prof. Dr Faruk Buyru said: “You should not go out between 11am and 4pm when the sun is high, and if you do, it would be appropriate to prefer shady areas and wear hats and glasses.”

Salt warning against edema problem in pregnant women

prof. Dr. Buyru said: “Especially in the later stages of pregnancy, edema in the hands in the morning and in the feet towards the evening is a situation that all pregnant women complain about. If edema is accompanied by high blood pressure, it can give a negative picture for both the mother and the baby. First of all, it is necessary to monitor the blood pressure, to check whether albumin is found in the urine, that is, to examine whether it is a sign of a disease or a pathology. Furthermore, normal edema is the avoidance of salt especially at night,” he said.

“Overweight during pregnancy increases the feeling of summer heat”

To draw attention to the importance of diet to lose weight during pregnancy, Prof. Dr. Faruk Buyru said: “There is already an additional burden during pregnancy because of the baby. Moreover, excessive weight gain brings many problems during pregnancy, being overweight means you feel the heat more. It would be appropriate to avoid carbohydrates, to consume fresh fruits, vegetables and salads. Carbohydrates mean not only sweets, but also pastries such as bread and pastries should be avoided. diet is the most.

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