Scott Scale 910 Sram mountain bike features and reviews

The Scott Scale 910 Sram captures the attention of professional mountain bikers and adventurers alike. This premium mountain bike is lightweight with a lightweight carbon fiber frame. We have examined in detail the Scott Scale 910 Sram model, which stands out among mountain bikes for its superior riding performance, with its material, gearing, brake sets and many more features.

Scott Scale 910 Sram Features

Gear 12
type brake Hydraulic disc brake
Edge 29 inches

Scott Scale 910 Sram Axs mountain bike

Scott Scale 910 Sram stands out for its lightweight structure and increases driving performance by reducing weight as it is made of carbon material. This mountain bike offers superior riding power even on the toughest roads and is the choice of professionals for its durability. The premium mountain bike, the Scott Scale 910 Sram, offers a comfortable riding experience by absorbing vibrations.

Here are all the details on the Scott Scale 910 Sram Mountain Bike;

Features of the Scott Scale 910 Sram Mountain Bike

The Scott Scale 910 Sram, which weighs 11 kilograms because it is made of carbon material, is used in races because it offers a professional driving experience. This mountain bike with hydraulic disc brake system is produced according to the HMF production method. In this way it offers the same driving experience in all weather conditions. Equipped with the Sram Axs electronic gear system, the bike offers the possibility of very fast and precise shifting. This mountain bike, which easily overcomes all kinds of obstacles with its 29 inch rim width, offers safe riding thanks to its stability system. This mountain bike, made for men, can easily be used by women, thanks to the female staff.

Scott Scale 910 Sram Axs Mountain Bike Gearbox

Equipped with the Sram Axs electronic shifting system, the Scott Scale 910 Sram offers faster and more precise shifting. Enabling fast, uninterrupted shifting, this bike uses SRAM GX Eagle AXS / 12 Speed ​​/ Wireless Electronic Shift System in the rear gear. Thanks to this gear set, this mountain bike, which allows you to ride quickly and smoothly even on difficult terrain, has a 12-speed drivetrain.

Scott Scale 910 Sram Mountain Bike

Scott Scale 910 Sram Braking System

Featuring a hydraulic disc brake system, the Scott Scale 910 Sram offers a ride without compromising its performance in all weather conditions and on challenging tracks. With the ability to brake sharply and forcefully even on the most difficult terrain, this bike puts complete control in your hands. Using the Shimano SLX M7100 disc brake system, this product offers safe riding on ups and downs.

29 inch wheel

Scott Scale 910 Sram offers superior maneuverability and grip and allows you to drive safely and evenly over obstacles thanks to the large 29-inch wheels. This bike, appreciated for its handling, does not tire your feet thanks to its smoothness when riding. In addition, thanks to its suspension systems, the mountain bike reduces vibrations on rough terrain, making it more comfortable to ride.

Scott Scale 910 Sram Features

Frame material Aluminium
Weight 11kg
Squad length 17 inches – 43 cm
Front Shock Absorber Locked shock absorber

Lightweight construction

Scott Scale 910 Sram offers superior performance in difficult terrain and races thanks to its light structure and enables fast, agile maneuvers thanks to its geometry. This bike, which puts you in control even in sharp turns, minimizes your energy transfer by offering a power-to-match ratio thanks to its carbon structure. This mountain bike, which thanks to its light structure prevents you from getting tired, can be easily transported thanks to its weight of 11 kilograms.

Scott Scale 910 Sram Mountain Bike

Locked front shock absorber

While Scott Scale 910 Sram offers a comfortable ride on mountainous terrain thanks to its shock absorbers, it prevents its users from getting tired on flat roads such as asphalt with its lockable front shock absorber. The locked front shock absorber, which prevents the bike from losing performance in off-road use, helps to get on the road faster and more comfortably by locking the front forks.

Scott Scale 910 Sram User Reviews

Scott Scale 910 Sram Mountain Bike

👤 Arrived very quickly. When I bought it, I had it installed by the authorized service so that the warranty would not expire and all settings were made. I have tried it many times and the product provides a very pleasant driving experience. N**** N***

👤 Although the price is high, I recommend that those who put their heart into this work and do it at a professional level prefer the product. Before that I used the more affordable bike from the same brand and was happy with it, but that’s a whole other story. B**** S****

👤 I love cycling through the fields every weekend. Especially since I go early in the morning, it falls to the ground and the sandy bottom is slippery, although the handling and driving performance are very good. The price is expensive but I would say that anyone with a situation should not miss it. O***** S****

👤 I have been using it for 3 months now, the bike is very comfortable. I enjoyed it, both in the inner city trials and on the field. You never feel the road shake, your feet don’t get tired, your time comes as you drive. I o****

👤 We bought a very nice quality bike for my son and he loves it. M*** U***

👤 There is no problem, it is a product that deserves its price to the end. I like the quick gear changes and the shock absorbers that don’t feel a jolt even in the roughest terrain. Even if you drive for hours, the seat will not cause any discomfort. YES*****

How much does a Scott Scale 910 Sram bike weigh?

Made of carbon material, the Scott Scale 910 Sram weighs 11 kilograms. In this way it does not tire the drivers in difficult terrain conditions and helps them to drive faster.

For which rides is the Scott Scale 910 Sram bicycle suitable?

The Scott Scale 910 Sram is built like a mountain bike. It is suitable for use in difficult terrain conditions and races.

What brand is Scott from?

Scott is an American bicycle brand. It is produced in the state of Idaho, USA.

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