Sequin Dress Fashion | Suggestions for history and combinations

Clothing with sequins is a trend that has existed in the fashion world for many years. Although it is one of the must-have items of night parties with its flashy and stylish appearance, today it is often used in street fashion. Sequin garments, produced with high quality materials and craftsmanship, have a unique place in the fashion world.

The history of sequined clothing

The history of sequins used in dress embellishments dates back to ancient times. Sequins were first used in Egypt and in ancient Roman times. In ancient Rome sequins were used to decorate the armor of soldiers. In addition, sequins were widely used in the clothes worn by women in Roman times.

In the Middle Ages, sequins were also used in costumes worn at church events in Europe. In the 16th century, sequins began to take more place in the fashion world in Europe. Although sequins were often used in the costumes worn at the French court, sequin details were also present in dresses from the Tudor period in England.

In the 19th century, sequins experienced a huge explosion in the fashion world. During this period, especially in France, the production of sequined clothing increased rapidly and became the preferred choice of rich and famous people. This trend continued into the 1920s and sequins were used extensively, especially in evening dresses.

Today, sequins are still used as a popular embellishment method in the fashion world. Sequins are mainly used in evening dresses, blouses, skirts and trousers, which give a different atmosphere to the outfits. Moreover, sequins are no longer just an accessory favored by the wealthy, but can also be used in affordable clothes for everyone.

The place of sequin dress in the fashion world

Sequin Fashion

Clothing with sequins is a trend that has been popular in the fashion world for years. Sequined clothing, which is often favored especially at night parties, special events and red carpet events, creates a flashy and classy look.

The place of sequined clothing in the fashion world is quite important, although not as old as its history. The use of sequins in the fashion world began in the early 1920s. At that time, sequins were often used in Art Deco style clothing. In the 1930s, Hollywood stars favored sequins.

In the 1950s, the use of sequins became widespread and they were often used, especially in evening dresses. In the 1960s, the use of sequins was minimized, resulting in a simpler and more elegant look.

Today, sequined clothing is still a popular trend in the fashion world. Since it is often included in the collections of famous fashion brands, clothes with sequins are quite often used in street fashion. The use of sequins is often preferred not only in evening wear, but also in everyday wear.

The place of sequined clothes in the fashion world is determined not only by their designs, but also by the quality of materials and workmanship. High-quality sequins last longer and keep the stylish look of the outfit longer.

How to combine with sequins?

Sequin Fashion

Clothing with sequins is one of the favorite choices of those who want a stylish and sophisticated look. However, if the right combination is not made, these clothes can look too exaggerated and bright. Here are some tips for pairing with sequined outfits:

Combine with simple pieces

Since sequins are eye-catching on their own, you can avoid an overdone look by pairing your sequined clothing with plain pieces. For example, you can combine a skirt with sequins with a white blouse.

Choose solid colors

Since sequins are already so vibrant, pairing them with patterned or printed outfits can be a little risky. You can get a more balanced look by pairing it with solid colored pieces.

Keep your accessories simple

Wearing extravagant accessories with a sequined outfit can further complicate your look. Therefore, you can get a more elegant look by using simple accessories.

Balance the colors

If you wear a top with sequins, you can choose solid and dark-colored pants or skirts underneath. If you’re wearing sequined skirts or pants, you can wear a simpler blouse or shirt.

choose the right shoes

To complete an outfit with sequins, your shoes should also be chosen correctly. High-heeled shoes can be an option that is both stylish and compatible with sequined outfits. Flats or sneakers can be used to create a casual style with sequined skirts or pants.

How should the color selection be in sequined clothes?

Sequin fashion

Sequin outfits are stylish and eye-catching outfits used in night parties or special events. However, it is important to make the right choices in color choice. Here are some tips for choosing colors for sequined outfits:

Choose colors that match your skin tone

When choosing colors for sequined clothes, the first thing you should do is choose the colors that suit your skin tone. For example, if you are a light-skinned person, sequin clothes in pastel shades will suit you. If you have a dark skin tone, sequined clothing in more vibrant colors may be more suitable for you.

Distinguish day and night colors

Clothing with sequins is generally preferred at night parties. That is why it is important to distinguish between day and night colors when choosing a color. Night colors such as black, blue and gold are the colors that are often used in sequined outfits. Daytime colors such as pastels and white may be preferred over simpler sequined clothing.

Note the color of the sequins

Sequins should match the colors of the outfit. For example, the use of gold-colored accessories with an outfit that incorporates gold sequins creates a stylish harmony. In addition, the color of the outfit in which the sequins are incorporated is also important. If the outfit in which sequins are used is dark, lighter colors are preferable in accessories.

Choose colors that match fashion trends

Since fashion trends change every season, it is important to choose colors that are suitable for fashion trends in sequined clothing. For example, pastel colors and bright neon colors seem to be in fashion in the 2023 season.

Also consider your personal taste

Finally, it is important to consider your personal taste when choosing colors for outfits with sequins. Not every color suits everyone, it is best to choose colors that suit your style and taste.

What style are sequined clothes worn in?

Sequined clothing is generally preferred for classy and flashy events. It is commonly used especially at night parties and red carpet events. However, in recent years, clothes with sequins are often preferred in street fashion.

How do you combine clothes with sequins?

Clothing with sequins should be avoided as they are usually stylish and flashy in their own right. Minimalist jewelry, handbags and plain heels go well with outfits with sequins.

How to clean clothes with sequins?

Cleaning clothes with sequins requires precision. Hand wash or dry clean recommended. Machine wash may damage the sequins.

In which colors is sequin clothing preferred?

The choice of color in sequined clothes depends on the taste and preference of the person. However, sequined clothing, usually in black, gold, silver and bronze, can be preferred for all kinds of events.

Which body type is compatible with sequined clothes?

Clothing with sequins is a trend that can adapt to any body type. However, it is important to choose a cut that fits your size. And if you don’t want to accentuate your body lines, you can combine your sequined clothes with straight cuts.

In what season are sequined clothes worn?

Clothing with sequins is generally preferred in winter and autumn. However, it is often used in summer, especially in evening events and weddings.

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