Series 16 in Twitter files: US politicians pressure Twitter ‘for their best interests’

Elon Musk, owner of SpaceX and Twitter, shared freelance journalist Matt Taibbi’s tweet series, which published the 16th of the “Twitter Files” revelation, claiming that some US politicians are pressuring Twitter for their personal interests.

In the Twitter Files 16 series, journalist Taibbi accused a group of politicians, including Maine Senator (Democrat) Angus King and State Department official (Republican) Mark Lenzi, of “trying to influence Twitter officials for their political gain”, citing to internal correspondence as evidence. Taibbi stated that Senator King shared his correspondence with Twitter executives as evidence to prevent his opponents from sharing anything on the social media platform, describing the posts that alarmed him as “suspicious”. Freelance journalist Taibbi also noted that the mainstream media in the US was completely ignoring some of the revelations that had previously appeared in the Twitter files, adding: “At least a dozen other newsworthy revelations have literally gone unnoticed over the past two months. impacted mainstream news.” He wrote. In his posts, Taibbi also included correspondence showing that Lenzi, a State Department official, “wanted 14 accounts under Russian control or alleged bots without showing any evidence.” In the Twitter files, Taibbi argued that the documents “indicated an explosive federal censorship bureaucracy targeting all foreign populations systematically identified as a threat,” Taibbi said in March of how counter-terrorism mechanisms “through little-known federal agencies” such as the Global Engagement Center (GEC) could be implemented. He noted that he was going to share documents “about Americans who have turned into a disastrous instrument of influence against him.”TWITTER FILES Elon Musk has revealed the former Twitter’s internal correspondence by sharing it with a group of journalists for some time now. Dubbed the “Twitter Files” by Twitter’s new manager and independent journalists, this series of tweets reveals that Twitter’s former government interfered with the content on a biased basis because of its political views. In the disclosure made so far, the censorship of leaks from Biden’s son Hunter Biden, who came forward during the election process at the request of US President Joe Biden’s team, the suspension of Trump’s account, as well as Twitter’s former administration to the manipulations of the US military in the Middle East. It turned out to be a tool and the US authorities wanted 250 thousand Twitter accounts closed. In the Twitter Files revelations, journalist Alex Berenson also spoke with Dr. He also took on Twitter executives’ pressure from Scott Gottlieb over messages against mRNA vaccines. Musk and Taibbi were uploaded on Twitter Files 15 by the US media, which misled the public based on flimsy allegations of Russia’s meddling in US politics.

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