Siemens GS29VVWE0N Review – Features and Reviews

We encounter technology and innovations in many areas of our lives. Freezers are one of the indispensable parts of our home today. At the moment, Siemens iQ300 GS29VVWE0N freezer offers incredible convenience for you.

The iQ300 GS29VVWE0N helps you store all your food easily thanks to its large interior volume. It offers enough space to store and freeze your food. In addition, with the multifunctional shelving system it is possible to make the arrangements in it according to your own wishes. When you’re ready, let’s take a look at the details of the Siemens GS29VVWE0N together.

Siemens iQ300 GS29VVWE0N Features

Net capacity 206 l
Freezer Volume 206 l
Cooler volume 0 L
Measurement 1610x600x650mm
Annual energy consumption 203 kWh
Energy class NASTY
Medicine Solo
Volume 42dB

Siemens iQ300 GS29VVWE0N

The freezer from Siemens uses less energy thanks to its energy-efficient technology. With this feature, it both protects the environment and saves you money. Moreover, its silent operation makes it an ideal choice for those who like silence.

This product, which will serve you for many years with Siemens quality and reliability, will keep your food fresh. So it helps you to consume your food whenever you want, save money and protect the environment.

Siemens GS29VVWE0N Technical specifications

  • Content 206 litres
  • Changeable door direction
  • bigBox drawer support
  • multi alarm system
  • freshSense technology
  • superFreezing function
  • 42 dB noise level
  • Class D noise level

Siemens GS29VVWE0N Design

With the simplicity of white and the elegance of the vertical door handle, the Siemens GS29VVWE0N freezer is designed to be the most functional member of your kitchen. Since the direction of rotation of the door can be changed, it can easily be used in any kitchen. The MultiAlarm system also ensures that your food is always safe. When the interior temperature rises or the doors are left open, the multiAlarm system alerts you with audible and visual alerts, ensuring the safety of the food in your freezer. Siemens GS29VVWE0N brings functionality, elegance and safety together and brings total comfort to your kitchen.

Siemens GS29VVWE0N Dimensions

Height 1610mm
Width 600mm
Depth 690mm
Weight 58.3 kg

Siemens GS29VVWE0N; With a height of 1610 mm, a width of 600 mm and a depth of 690 mm, it offers a large storage space. At the same time, with its lightness of 58.3 kilograms, it is easy to carry.

Siemens GS29VVWE0N Capacity and Volume

With a capacity of 206 liters, the Siemens GS29VVWE0N creates the perfect storage space to store your frozen products. Moreover, it knows how to satisfy its users at the security point with its freezer temperature indicator, freezer warning function, door open warning signal, super freeze function and failure warning signal.

The bigBox in the freezer compartment offers optimal storage for large foodstuffs. So you can store your food items that need a large surface area easily and in an organized way.

This freezer is designed to keep your food fresh for a long time. Thanks to the temperature control, the freshness and nutritional values ​​of your frozen products are preserved. It keeps your food safe by alerting you when the door is left open or in the event of a malfunction.

Siemens GS29VVWE0N

Siemens GS29VVWE0N cooling and freezing volume

Net Volume 206 l
Cooler capacity 0 L
Freezer Capacity 206 l

Siemens GS29VVWE0N Electricity consumption

Siemens GS29VVWE0N offers environmentally friendly operation with an annual average energy consumption of 203 kWh. This freezer with energy efficiency class E stands out for its low energy consumption. So it makes a great contribution to both nature and your wallet.

It also offers quiet operation with a noise level of 42 dB(A). This freezer, which has noise class D, is not disturbing due to its silent operation. Thus, it is possible to create a calmer atmosphere in the kitchen.

Siemens GS29VVWE0N

Siemens GS29VVWE0N Energy class

Energy class NASTY
Electricity usage 203 kWh

Siemens GS29VVWE0N freezer is a device that stands out for its E-class energy efficiency and silent operation. Since the annual energy consumption is low, it contributes to nature as well as to your wallet. In addition, it does not disturb you at all during your daily work with its silent operation.

Siemens GS29VVWE0N reviews

👤 *** ***: Siemens stands for quality.

👤 *** ***: The product is of good quality. There was no snow. I like it very much, I like to use it.

👤 *** ***: The product is very good. It does not freeze, it cools immediately. I recommend it to those who are considering it.

👤 *** ***: The company was interested, they helped in all matters including the service issue and provided information.

👤 *** ***: We installed it today, it is ideal for both big and small alie. The quality will be obvious when you use it.

👤 *** ***: The freezer freezes very quickly and the quality of the ice cream is great. We also saw a marked difference in our bill because it is energy efficient.

👤 *** ***: It runs very quietly and I had no icing issues. Also, the interior is quite large, so I have no issues with storage space.

👤 *** ***: If the lid is not properly closed, the products inside will not freeze. I occasionally have problems with icing.

👤 *** ***: The interior design is a bit complicated and difficult to use. Also, when the cover is opened, all the air in it comes out, so if it is used often, I think the energy consumption will increase.

👤 *** ***: It froze instantly and it’s not too wide inside.

Editor’s Comments

Siemens GS29VVWE0N

If you have a large family and you regularly make large purchases, then the Siemens GS29VVWE0N freezer is for you. With a capacity of 206 liters, you don’t have to worry about the products you store in the freezer. You have a large storage space to store fruit and vegetables, freeze ready meals or store homemade treats.

In addition, thanks to the multiAlarm system, you can prevent your food from spoiling by warning you in the event of, for example, an increased interior temperature, open doors or a power failure. The super freeze function also quickly freezes your food, preserving the nutritional value and keeping it fresh for longer.

The GS29VVWE0N freezer stands out for its energy efficiency class E and low energy consumption. This lowers both your energy bill and the environment. Thanks to its quiet operation, it also works harmoniously in the silence of the kitchen.

The Siemens GS29VVWE0N freezer is an excellent choice with its large storage space, practical functions and energy efficiency. You no longer have to wait to preserve the freshness and nutritional value of your food.

In this part of our content we answer frequently asked questions about the Siemens GS29VVWE0N. Here are frequently asked questions about the Siemens GS29VVWE0N:

What is the energy consumption of the Siemens GS29VVWE0N freezer?

The annual average energy consumption of this freezer is 203 kWh/year. It ensures low energy consumption with energy efficiency class E. In this way, it is an option that is both nature and wallet-friendly.

How many liters does the Siemens GS29VVWE0N freezer have?

The capacity of the Siemens GS29VVWE0N freezer compartment is 206 liters. In addition, thanks to the bigBox function, it offers optimal storage for large foodstuffs.

What does the multiAlarm system of the Siemens GS29VVWE0N freezer do?

The Siemens GS29VVWE0N multiAlarm system warns you with acoustic and visual signals if the inside temperature of your fridge rises too high, the doors are left open or the power goes out. This prevents your food from spoiling and ensures safe storage.

How many kg does the Siemens GS29VVWE0N freezer weigh?

The weight of the Siemens GS29VVWE0N is 58.3 kg. This makes it easy to carry and you can place it anywhere in the house.

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