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While dietary and medication adjustments may be sufficient for patients in the early stages, it is important to turn to surgical methods in the advanced stages. Depending on traditional operations, complications such as severe surgical pain and urinary problems, rectal bleeding, breech presentation and breech presentation can be observed, but nowadays hemorrhoid operations that can be performed without pain and without incision have become more comfortable for patients.

Emphasizing that the laser method is increasingly used due to the increasing cases in the treatment of hemorrhoids, General Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Abdulcabbar Kartal: “There are two basic approaches to laser hemorrhoidal disease. The first is laser hemorrhoidal plastics, in which coagulation and coagulation of the hemorrhoidal tissue is activated using a laser probe. The other is the method in which the superficial veins around the rump are coagulated with laser energy.”

Hemorrhoid surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

Noting that the treatment procedure for hemorrhoids is usually performed under general anesthesia, Assoc. Dr Abdulcabbar Kartal said: “The procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia. An anal retractor is used to locate hemorrhoidal sacs (hemorrhoidal nipples). A small incision is made to allow the laser probe to pass. The laser beam is considered to be a beam in which the laser energy is diffused and does not damage the surrounding normal tissue. “Pain after hemorrhoidectomy is the most common problem associated with surgical techniques.”

After one day you can return to everyday life.

Stating that laser hemorrhoidplasty is significantly less painful than surgical hemorrhoidectomy and is associated with an earlier return to normal activity, Assoc. Dr Abdulcabbar Kartal said, “Pain after surgery is less with laser treatment compared to surgery. Postoperative pain is less with laser treatment than surgery. With laser treatment, surgery time and time to go back to work is also less shorter after surgery.

associate Dr Abdulcabbar Kartal said: “In standard hemorrhoid surgery, the hemorrhoids are cut and removed and stitches are placed in that area. This can be a painful procedure for the patient. Patients can resume their daily lives after a one-day stay in the hospital.

The operation takes 25-30 minutes.

associate Dr Abdulcabbar Kartal said: “As the patient will be put under anesthesia, no special preparations other than 8 hours of fasting and an enema in the hospital are required. An application that takes about 25-30 minutes. Since general anesthesia is applied, the patient has to stay in the hospital for a day. The next day the patient can resume his normal daily life.

Attention should be paid to nutrition after surgery

Assoc. Dr Abdulcabbar Kartal said: “It takes about 2-3 months for the hemorrhoids to settle completely. Patients should be careful about defecating during this time. Care should be taken to avoid constipation and straining. For this reason, patients are given stool softening medications after surgery.

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