Sitting for a long time causes lower back pain

Pain is a finding. It’s not a disease. Nor is it a pain that needs to be treated; It is the elimination of the disease that is the main cause of the pain or recovery from the malfunction.

Pain that lasts less than 6 weeks is called acute low back pain. It can develop after a particular activity or trauma, or it can occur without trauma. Usually, the pain passes on its own or goes away completely. About 30% of people who have ever had severe back pain will have a relapse. However, if it is under control and care, this recurrence risk can be minimized. Low back pain that lasts longer than three months is called chronic low back pain. The existing tissue disorder causes pain by affecting the surrounding nerve endings. What we see the most is that diseases that we can handle easily in the acute pain period become chronic by lingering in incompetent hands.

What Are the Causes of Back Pain?

In order to arrive at a real treatment, the real sources of pain must be investigated with a serious medical specialist examination and investigations. Being overweight, lifting heavy enough to cause hernia or straining the waist structures, bending over, sitting or sitting for long periods of time, working or standing or staying in the same position for long periods of time, prolonged stressful periods, giving birth a lot, doing housework in an inappropriate position And the doing it for a long time, that is, without a break, and not protecting the waist in sexual life causes back pain.

What should be done to prevent back pain and protect back health?

We miss the most important thing. The most important thing is to take precautions before back pain occurs. Since the things that cause lower back pain are obvious, we should start by obeying them. The car without the necessary maintenance will leave us on the road, and the waistline without the necessary maintenance and protection will one day make us experience this pain. First of all, obesity is certainly one of the leading causes of herniated disc or lower back pain. We need to make weight-free living a lifestyle. The question of what to do when we experience lower back pain comes to mind. First of all, you should consult a specialist doctor who is really experienced in this field; should prevent the error from becoming chronic by bypassing processes. Since the underlying cause may be a tumor, a very serious herniated disc, vertebral fracture or lumbar displacement, people who are not well versed in the subject should not waste time with their requests under the name of suggestion or treatment.

In general, pain relief is seen by patients as the reason the underlying cause has resolved and they are comfortable being treated, and an illness that is easily curable may be more difficult to resolve or remain unresolved. It is a fact that low back pain does not receive enough attention. We don’t realize that it can cause us serious problems. It is possible for our people to live a pain-free life and prevent the onset of a lumbar disc herniation in advance. It is aimed at eliminating the pain, not at permanently eliminating the underlying cause of the problem. This is a serious mistake and it makes our patients more likely to cause serious problems in the future.

As a result, a lifestyle should be adopted in a way that does not cause low back pain and an attempt should be made to exclude the risk of developing low back pain or herniated disc. When we experience pain; Specialized doctors who have worked hard on this matter should be sought and treated as soon as possible and in the easiest way. Treatment is not the way to be successful; These are the methods that the expert doctor will do in this regard. Method out for treatment success! Call in a specialist doctor!

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