“Sleeping for hours on squares is just as dangerous as using tobacco products”

The concept of “successful aging” emphasized Dr. Dr. Yıldıray Tanrıver said: “It is in our hands to live a long and healthy life. We can live to be 150 years old. There are some situations that are imposed on all of us, mentally and physically, that “you are old now.” There is no such thing, we never accept it” and explained the methods of successful aging and the treatment methods they apply.


Dr. Dr. Dr. Yıldıray Tanrıver said: “We need to ensure that people live healthier and longer lives with their loved ones. It’s definitely up to us. That’s why we say that we should live healthy, not grow old. Our cells, tissues and organs can sustain some damage over time. We can prevent this damage. It is possible to determine risk status with genetic testing. Genetics is not our destiny. “Because we can change that,” he said.

One of the biggest secrets to successful aging is ‘sleeping regularly’

Speaking of the secrets to successful aging, Dr. Dr. Tanriver added:

“First of all, we must eat well and avoid sugar. We must apply personalized nutrition. How we can be nourished can be expressed very clearly with genetic testing. For example; Coffee may work for me, but less so for you. By measuring all these, we can organize personalized nutrition. We have to drink a lot. We should stay away from processed foods as much as possible. We must stay away from tobacco and its derivatives, alcohol. We also have to tailor the sport to the individual. We all work in squares, in business. Working 8 hours in an office is just as dangerous as using tobacco and its derivatives. So let’s practice. A good night’s sleep is very important to us, and this is how we deal with stress. At least 4 hormones are secreted during sleep. These are insulin, cortisone, melatonin and growth hormone. For example, when singing a growth hormone lullaby, “sleep and grow up” is said. In older people, this growth hormone causes worn-out cells to die and good cells to be replaced. Therefore, it is very important to regulate our sleep. If we act together with these secrets, it is possible for us to age successfully. If we start living a healthy life from the age of 20, if we invest in ourselves, then in the 70s we will take the first steps towards living a long and healthy life with our loved ones.”


Expressing that cells, tissues and organs are negatively affected by environmental factors as they age, Uzm. Dr. Tanrıver said: “If we can minimize these environmental factors, we may have already eliminated those risks in our view. If we take good care of ourselves in our twenties and thirties, including nutrition, it is possible to prevent blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. So please let’s stay away from aging as we’ve been told; Let’s talk about aging in a healthy and peaceful way, let’s solve the secrets of successful aging in this way,” he said.

“Aging is preventable”

Saying that personalized treatment is essential, says Dr. Dr. Tanriver said, “You and I are different. Your needs and mine may differ. It is possible to figure out how we will be fed genetically. How much water should we drink, do we exercise or not? All of this can be measured at the cellular level. Even with a blood analysis, questions such as whether the person is allergic or not, what the oxidation state in the blood is, can be determined individually. It is possible to measure even the smallest wall thickenings and plaques in the vein in millimeters by using ultra-high technology and ultrasound methods. It is possible to measure whether there is fat in the liver or not by considering all of them here with a holistic approach. It is possible to be treated with personalized 360-degree approaches or to minimize the risks. This can prevent aging.”


Dr. Dr Tanriver said: “Wrinkles on the skin can be clearly removed. Hair loss can be prevented. Hair loss can be very different in men and women. It is possible to avoid all of this by looking at hormone levels. It is in our hands to stay mentally, spiritually and physically beautiful, sane and healthy. Psychology and stress management are very important to us. You take stress with you everywhere you go. Stress can negatively affect many tissues, not only mentally but also physically. For this reason, methods such as yoga, meditation or, if necessary, psychotherapy can be used to manage stress. If we manage stress, it will be much easier to overcome diseases and we can be protected from diseases. Let’s invest in ourselves while we are young, let’s not grow old, let’s live healthy with our loved ones,” he said.


Uzm argues that system disorders first start with cells. Dr Tanriver said: “After that, tissues, organs and the whole system can be damaged. If we can detect this damage at the cellular level, it is possible to take precautions. The skin is our most despised organ. But even the tiniest mark on the skin can be significant. Do I have fatty liver disease or is there an allergic condition? These can all present a symptom. After paying attention to these symptoms, it is important to find the underlying causes of those symptoms. In other words, if a pimple appeared on our face, why did this pimple appear? If we have pain in some part of us, why does this pain arise? It is possible to take a painkiller and get the job done right away, but that heals just the moment why did that pain come out what can we do for that pain what triggers that pain think of it as the roots under the tree if there is a problem in those roots it is possible to track it down and to solve. It is necessary to do this in order to live a long and healthy life. Take care of yourself, believe me, there is no such thing as getting old, there is a healthy age,” he said.

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