Slit Skirt Trend | Type and combination suggestions

The split skirt trend has held an important place in women’s clothing style from the past to the present. This detail, which is both historically and culturally important, retains its place in the women’s wardrobe today. We’ve listed the combination advice and tricks about the split skirt trend for you.

The origin of the split skirt trend

The history of split skirts goes back to Egypt. In Egypt, women of upper classes, including members of the royal family, wore ostentatious clothing. The split skirts that accompanied these outfits allowed women to show off their legs. Slit skirts, which were popular among women in Egypt, were also fashionable in ancient Greece.

In ancient Greece, split skirts were used to emphasize the elegance and beauty of women. The slits of the skirts are said to increase mobility while also revealing the women’s legs. Slit skirts also remained popular during the Roman Empire.

In the Middle Ages, the use of split skirts was limited. The long and loose clothing worn by women during this period often even covered their ankles. However, during the Renaissance, split skirts came back into fashion and became even more flamboyant.

Today, split skirts are still a very popular option in the fashion world. Slit skirts are used to emphasize the elegance and femininity of women. Modern split skirts are designed in different lengths and styles. Some have a high waist and a pencil skirt, while others have a more relaxed and relaxed look in a beach skirt.

Types of split skirts

Slit skirt trend

The split skirt trend has conquered a unique place in the fashion world with its different variants. The slits can be on one or both sides of the skirt, front or back. Different variants of split skirts provide options according to the style and body type of the woman. Here are the different variations of split skirts:

Asymmetrical split skirts

Asymmetric split skirts are characterized by slits on only one side of the skirt. This style of split skirts is an ideal option for women who want to create a different and bold style. Suitable for both short and tall women, asymmetrical split skirts create a stylish look, especially for evening events.

Skirts with high slits

Skirts with high slits are those where the slit is usually at the front of the skirt, exposing most of the leg length. These split skirts are ideal for women who want to create a tough look. High slit skirts can be worn on the beach or in nightclubs especially in summer.

Skirts with side slits

Skirts with side slits are characterized by slits on the sides of the skirt. This style of split skirts creates a stylish look and increases mobility. Side split skirts can be worn for both casual wear and special occasions.

Skirts with slit in the front

Front slit skirt is characterized by slits in the front of the skirt. This split skirt style creates a feminine look while increasing mobility. Front slit skirts are a comfortable and stylish option, especially in summer.

Combination suggestions of split skirts

Slit skirt trend

Slit skirts are a versatile garment that can be used in many different combinations. However, with the right combinations, a more elegant and stylish look can be achieved. Here are the combination suggestions with split skirts:

Combine with Basic Tops

Slit skirts can be combined well with basic t-shirts, blouses or shirts. It can also be especially worn with high slit skirts, cropped T-shirts or cropped blouses. This combination is ideal for both everyday use and special occasions.

Combine with jackets

Slit skirts can be combined with blazers, denim jackets or leather jackets. This combination can also be used comfortably in the business environment. In addition, this combination, which suits many different styles, is also often preferred for everyday use.

Combine with sweaters

Slit skirts can be combined with thick sweaters. This combination is ideal for creating a warm and stylish look in autumn and winter. Skirts with high slits, when worn with sweaters, create a balanced look because they expose half of the legs.

Combine with shoes

It can be combined with split skirts, heels or sandals. Skirts with high slits, when worn with heels, make the legs look longer and slimmer. Flat sandals, on the other hand, make split skirts more comfortable to wear.

Combine with Accessories

Skirts with slits can be combined with various accessories. Especially when used with long necklaces, large earrings or bracelets, a stylish look is obtained. It can also be combined with various accessories such as hats or scarves.

Fashion tips on split skirts

Slit skirt trend

Slit skirts have become one of the most popular fashion trends in recent years. This garment can be used for everyday wear as well as for special occasions and can be combined with many different styles. However, knowing some fashion tips about split skirts will help you make the most of this piece of clothing. Here are fashion tips for split skirts:

Choose the right size

The size of the split skirts is very important. The skirt should be chosen in accordance with the shape of your body. Skirts with high slits are generally more suitable for shorter women, while skirts with longer slits are more suitable for taller women.

Wear underwear

Skirts with slits, especially skirts with high slits, show off part of your legs. Therefore, wearing underwear provides both a more comfortable and a more covered appearance.

Choose the right shoes

Shoes worn with split skirts are essential enough to complete your look. High split skirts with heels or sandals create a longer and slimmer look, while sneakers or flats with shorter split skirts create a more relaxed look.

The location of the crevices is important

The location of the slots plays a big part in how you combine your outfit. For example, a cropped t-shirt worn with a high-slit skirt can make the slits more visible. Therefore, playing with the location of the slots can make your combination more suitable.

Fabric choice is important

Fabric choice is very important with split skirts. Especially with skirts with a high slit, you can ensure more freedom of movement by choosing a softer fabric instead of a hard fabric.

Are split skirts only worn on special occasions?

No, split skirts can be easily worn in everyday life. Depending on the length of the splits and the style and fabric of the skirt, split skirts can be worn with any casual combination.

How to clean split skirts?

Slit skirts are cleaned in different ways, depending on the fabric and care instructions. In general, it is recommended to wash split skirts according to the washing instructions and iron at a low temperature.

What sizes are split skirts suitable for?

Slit skirts can be designed to suit any body type. When the skirt is chosen according to your body type and height, you can look great.

What kind of shoes can be worn with split skirts?

Many types of shoes such as heels, sandals, sneakers and flats can be combined well with split skirts. The choice of shoes depends on the style of the skirt and its combination.

What styles are split skirts suitable for?

Slit skirts go with many different styles. They are easy to combine with bohemian, romantic, classic or modern styles.

In which season are split skirts worn?

Split skirts can be worn in any season. Thinner and lighter fabrics can be used in summer and thicker and darker fabrics in winter.

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