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Food allergies were addressed in the seminars held during the ‘Food Allergy Awareness Week’, organized in collaboration with the Turkish National Association of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (AID) and the Allergy and Life Association. Food allergies have become an increasing health problem today. AID has carried out many projects this year to raise awareness of food allergies. Composition and interpretation under the slogan ‘It Does’t Matter Much, Food Allergy Doesn’t Forgive’ Dr. He brought to life a song that belongs to İskender Türsen. New research and treatment methods were shared with psychologists, allergy specialists and families about food allergy. AID Chairman of the Board Prof. dr. Dr Dilşad Mungan said that the slogan “It doesn’t matter much, food allergies don’t forgive” is actually a cry of children and parents with food allergies against the society and said: “This cry aims to raise awareness and be more understood Sometimes share, sometimes reward We wanted to be their voice with this song and seminar series we prepared because we know that “not every food is a reward, the best reward is awareness!”


Drawing attention to the issue of new approaches in the treatment of food allergy, AİD Food Allergy Working Group Head Prof. Dr Ayşen Bingöl said: “Smart drugs are now also used in the treatment of food allergies. Nasal sprays are used instead of epinephrine pen (auto-injector) for the treatment of allergic shock (anaphylaxis) due to food allergy abroad. We expect them to come to our country soon.”


“We never recommend half a diet. There is no less than most,” says Prof. Dr. Bingöl advised people who consume ready-to-eat foods and have allergies to read food labels carefully. He also warned patients to avoid unnecessary diets. Prof. Dr. Bingöl stated that milk, egg and nut allergies are the most common in babies and children in Turkey. He said that allergy to milk and egg heals quickly, but allergies to foods such as peanuts, tree nuts and fish do not heal quickly.


PROF. Dr Bingöl said: “For babies with food allergies, we recommend fruits and vegetables first, and then cereals, as a complementary food for parents. It is important that babies and children receive a balanced diet by paying attention to the variety of nutrients in instead of one type. Young babies are introduced to nutrients early thanks to breast milk. Mother’s milk is a food allergy. It is effective in prevention. Regular contact with allergic foods while breastfeeding accelerates recovery.”

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