Smeg 50’s Style KLF05CREU Features and Notes

Smeg is a world famous brand of Italian origin and kitchenware. The kettle Smeg KLF05CREU also belongs to the remarkable models of this brand with its design and performance together. The product offers an ideal use to meet the needs of tea and coffee lovers in particular and succeeds in satisfying its users with its extraordinary appearance. If you are ready, let’s find out together in this content all the details about the Smeg KLF05CREU water heater.

Smeg KLF05CREU Features

power 1400 watts
Capacity 0.8 L
Heat setting No
Weight 1 kg
Security lock No
Colour Cream

Smeg KLF05CREU Kettle

Smeg KLF05CREU has become a product used by many people, thanks to its stylish and vintage design, unlike the standard kettles known to users. The product, which pleases its users with its light structure and ease of use, as well as its durable material, attracts attention with its bright color.

Here are all the details about the Smeg KLF05CREU kettle:

Smeg KLF05CREU Technical specifications

  • 1400 watts of power
  • 0.8 liter water capacity
  • Stainless steel inner bowl
  • Plastic outer material
  • 1 meter power cord
  • 1kg weight
  • Cable storage function
  • Stylish and compact design

Smeg KLF05CREU Capacity

Capacity 0.8 L
Temperature display No
Water indicator No

The Smeg KLF05CREU kettle has a capacity to heat up to 0.8 litres, or three glasses of water. Thanks to this feature, it offers an ideal use for small families or people living alone. However, the amount of hot water for tea or coffee that needs to be prepared for more than one person may not be enough, which can appear as one of the negative features of the product.

Smeg KLF05CREU Design


Smeg KLF05CREU kettle has an aesthetically striking design. Designed as part of the 50’s Style series, this model will add a new and fresh atmosphere to your kitchen with its cream colour, bright color and striking details. In addition, the kettle’s 360-degree rotatable base also helps to increase user comfort. Non-slip feet and built-in cable winding features also make the product easier to use.

Smeg KLF05CREU Performance


Thanks to its stainless steel filter function, the Smeg KLF05CREU kettle purifies water from residues and helps it stay delicious. This way, the drinks you make with water lose none of their taste. The product works with a power of 1400 watts and ensures that the water is ready for you as quickly as possible, and also knows how to please you practically thanks to the hidden heating element. Supported by its automatic shut-off function, this kettle shuts itself off when the water reaches 100°C, and it will not fail to help you at the point of safety.

Smeg KLF05CREU Size

Height 200mm
Width 200mm
Depth 152mm
Weight 1 kg

The Smeg KLF05CREU kettle has a compact and lightweight shape thanks to its dimensions of 200 mm height, 200 mm width and 152 mm depth. With these dimensions you can easily use it without taking up space on the counter. At the same time, it weighs only 1 kg, which increases the portability of the device.

Smeg KLF05CREU Benefits

Smeg KLF05CREU kettle does not fail to bring many benefits to its users thanks to its extraordinary design, filter function and effective performance. The automatic shut-off function in the kettle brings the use of the product to a safe point. At the same time, among the advantages of the product, it can be shown that it shows its durability by accompanying you for a long time thanks to its stainless steel material. In addition to its powerful heating performance, the lidded structure also helps this kettle to provide ease of use.


Disadvantages of Smeg KLF05CREU

The Smeg KLF05CREU kettle has some drawbacks. Among them, it can be shown that it is not suitable for some users in terms of price. At the same time, in terms of water capacity, it may not be enough for larger families or more than one person. This may mean that it is not a suitable choice for large families. In addition, the 1 meter cable length may be insufficient for some users and may not be suitable for countertop use.

Smeg KLF05CREU User Reviews


Here are the positive and negative comments from users of Smeg KLF05CREU:

💬 The product is a bit smaller than I expected, but it is minimal and the look is very nice. I like it very much. It is very beautiful.

💬 It was the most beautiful and sweetest thing I bought for my dowry. Very good.

💬 a product that deserves its price without any problems. It is enough to know that the side of the handle is plastic, it works quietly and beautifully, because it is small, it does not get tired in use, and it is comfortable in small kitchens. There are no words to say about the quality from smog.

💬 I chose it because my countertop is small, thank you. Very cute, perfect size for me. It’s very sweet, I like it.

💬 It’s so cute, so sweet I can’t explain it, it’s good I bought it because my kitchen is small, it was the right choice when I came.

💬 The product arrived very protected, it was as I expected, I like it, thank you. I’ve used it and it works well, not too noisy and takes up little space

💬 A nice product for small kitchens. Expensive for the price, but the picture is perfect. I love it, looks very good quality

💬 I wanted to buy the larger size but unfortunately couldn’t find it, this is the mini size, it works fast and not too loud, it also looks very nice. I recommend it to those who are considering it.

💬 Unfortunately, the size was not enough for me, the product is beautiful, but the capacity is not suitable for our family.

💬 It heats the water very slowly, I think it could have been faster, I am not satisfied. I don’t recommend it.

Scoring and rating

The Smeg KLF05CREU kettle is ideal for singles or families of two or three people. The product, which is designed to adapt to any kitchen with its stylish appearance, can also accompany you for a long time with its solid stainless steel material. In addition to all these features, we can say that in terms of price and capacity, it is not suitable for some families. Considering all these situations, we give this product 7 points out of 10.

In this section of our content, we will answer frequently asked questions about the Smeg KLF05CREU water heater.

What is the capacity of the Smeg KLF05CREU kettle?

The maximum capacity of the Smeg KLF05CREU kettle is 0.8 liters or 3 cups. In this way, the product offers an ideal use for small families and single people.

Does the Smeg KLF05CREU kettle have an automatic switch-off function?

Yes, the Smeg KLF05CREU kettle has an automatic shut-off function. This kettle switches off automatically when the water reaches 100°C, ensuring safe use for users and keeping the product safe.

Does the Smeg KLF05CREU kettle have a filter function?

Yes, the Smeg KLF05CREU kettle is designed with a stainless steel filter function. Thanks to this feature, it manages to provide a more delicious water heating experience with no residue left in your water.

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