Smeg TSF01BLEU Features and User Reviews

Today, toast, one of the indispensable breakfast flavors, has been an indispensable addition to our breakfast for many years. To meet this need, the Smeg TSF01BLEU toaster would be an ideal choice. This product, which stands out for its high performance and stylish design, also manages to please you with its compact structure. In this content, we will provide a detailed overview of the capacity, features, advantages and disadvantages of Smeg TSF01BLEU. When you’re ready, let’s go through all the details about the Smeg TSF01BLEU together.

Smeg TSF01BLEU Features

power 950W
Capacity 2×2
Roast setting 6
Weight 2.4 kg
Equipment Stainless steel
Colour Black


Thanks to its appearance, supported by retro details, Smeg TSF01BLEU adapts to any decoration and takes its place in the kitchen. The product, which stands out for its fast heating and cutting capacity, leaves complete control to you thanks to its cooking programs.

Here are all the details about the Smeg TSF01BLEU toaster:

Smeg TSF01BLEU Technical specifications

  • 950 watts of frying power
  • 6 different roasting programs
  • 2×2 bucket capacity
  • 36 mm frying slot
  • Warm-up function
  • One-sided frying technology
  • LED illuminated adjustment knob
  • 3 different program functions

Smeg TSF01BLEU Capacity

Capacity 2×2
Frying compartment 36mm
Warm-up function There is

Smeg TSF01BLEU offers a large baking capacity thanks to the 2 extra large baking chambers of 36 mm and 2×2 functions. Although this toaster offers enough space to toast your bread easily, you can also easily place the bread in it. In addition, the warming function helps to practically toast the frozen bread without waiting for it to melt.

Smeg TSF01BLEU Design

Smeg TSF01BLEU has been given a durable shape thanks to its retro-style stainless steel body. Supported by an LED illuminated adjustment knob, this machine has a stylish appearance. It also has a user-friendly structure with its stainless steel crumb tray and non-slip feet.

Smeg TSF01BLEU Roasting mode

Roast setting 6
Automatic shutdown There is
Defrost There is

Smeg TSF01BLEU offers 6 different baking levels. At the same time, with the automatic centering function designed independently of the loaf size, it is also possible to easily adjust the desired degree of toasting. In addition, the product offers practical ease of use and the single-sided frying function supports the user-friendly shape of the product.

Smeg TSF01BLEU Performance


Smeg TSF01BLEU delivers high performance with its 950 Watt power and 3 automatic programs designed as reheating, defrosting and one-sided frying. In addition, the automatic lifting function at the end of baking helps to remove your bread without burning it. This way your toast always retains its taste.

Smeg TSF01BLEU Size

Height 198mm
Width 310mm
Depth 195mm
Weight 2.4 kg

Smeg TSF01BLEU toaster; It has been given a compact and ergonomic shape thanks to its dimensions of 198 mm height, 310 mm width and 195 mm depth. In addition, with a weight of 2.4 kg, it is easy to use and comfortable to carry. At the same time, its minimal dimensions make it easy to store.

Smeg TSF01BLEU Benefits

Smeg TSF01BLEU has very beneficial features for users with its high performance, retro design, practical use and various roast settings. In addition, it offers safe use with its automatic programs and automatic lifting function at the end of cooking. In addition, the versatile functions and minimal dimensions of the product make it easy to find a place in the kitchen. This machine, which weighs 2.4 kg, manages to accompany your toasting processes for a long time thanks to its stainless steel materials.

Disadvantages of Smeg TSF01BLEU

A major disadvantage of the Smeg TSF01BLEU is that it is slightly more expensive than other toasters. But the quality and performance of the product show that it is worth the price. At the same time, the product’s toaster capacity may not be ideal for some large families.

Smeg TSF01BLEU User Reviews


Here are the positive and negative comments from users of Smeg TSF01BLEU:

💬 It is a very stylish, retro-looking product with a design. It takes up more counter space than its counterparts. Definitely not a price/performance product. There are brands that do the same job much cheaper. Still, I was very satisfied.

💬 Those who say that appearance and high quality are my priority should choose this product. Since we have a retro coffee machine in the same color, it was a good duo. Italian design but made in China. But don’t be fooled; material quality is very high.

💬 I am very satisfied. It toasts the bread well. It has strong potential. It looks really nice. I would recommend it to everyone.

💬 Girls, I bought it in love with my dowry. I can definitely say it’s the pupil of my dowry, it’s very classy and elegant. I advise.

💬 Something excellent, Smeg quality. The product already looks very aesthetically pleasing, no doubt.

💬 If you think of a very stylish and beautiful product, you should definitely buy it. I like using it, it toasts the bread in a short time. Also easy to clean.

💬 I recommend it to everyone, a wonderfully clean product. It’s easy to use and looks great. Buy without hesitation, you will be satisfied.

💬 I have always found Smeg’s design style close to me. It was also one of the products that struck me when I saw its features. Every feature works great. More than enough for my wife and me. I’m not sure the size is enough for big families, but I recommend it.

💬 It is very stylish and high quality, but the problem we experience when we use it: it throws off the fried slices, sometimes it falls on the counter and sometimes on the floor. This is a big problem.

💬 The machine is much smaller than I expected, I spend a lot of time preparing bread for breakfast. I think it should have been bigger for the price.

Scoring and rating

Smeg TSF01BLEU toaster offers user-friendly operation with its high performance, stylish design, practical use and various adjustable toast settings. Thanks to the automatic programs you can easily prepare your loaves to the desired degree of toasting and you are assured of safe use. In addition, the product’s stainless steel body and non-slip feet ensure durability for long-term use. The Smeg TSF01BLEU proves to be an ideal choice for anyone looking for a toaster. Our score is 9 out of 10 for this toaster that has managed to please you with its versatile use.

In this part of our content, we will answer frequently asked questions about the Smeg TSF01BLEU toaster.

What is the capacity of the Smeg TSF01BLEU toaster?

The capacity of the Smeg TSF01BLEU toaster is 2 compartments and 2 slices. Each compartment can toast 2 slices of bread at the same time. This makes it possible to toast enough bread for everyone in the house.

How many toast levels does the Smeg TSF01BLEU toaster have?

The Smeg TSF01BLEU toaster is designed with 6 toast settings. Thanks to these settings, you can toast different types of bread and set a toasting position that suits your personal preferences.

What types of bread can the Smeg TSF01BLEU toaster toast?

You can use the Smeg TSF01BLEU toaster for all types of bread, regardless of the size of the bread. Thanks to the automatic centering function, each loaf can be centered and toasted evenly.

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