Smokers have a harder time getting pregnant

The number of smoking women in Turkey is increasing. Smoking, which causes many diseases, especially lung cancer, negatively affects reproductive health. One of the causes of increasing infertility in the world is smoking. Gynecology and obstetrics specialist Prof. Dr. Faruk Buyru emphasizes that smoking has a negative impact on both male and female reproductive health.

Buyru drew attention to the negative effects of smoking during pregnancy and said, “Serious risks such as developmental delay in the baby and sudden infant death are more common in babies born to mothers who smoke. It still has negative effects on the baby in the womb. Nicotine can cause narrowing of the veins. Apart from nicotine, there are also nearly 4,000 toxins in cigarettes. These have a negative impact on the baby’s health, especially carbon monoxide. The veins shrink, less oxygen and less food for the baby.” these negatively affect the health of the baby. Even the smell of cigarettes in the breath of a nursing mother can have a negative effect on the baby. Therefore, it would be a more correct approach not to smoke at all during pregnancy and lactation.”

Buyru emphasized that smoking also negatively affects IVF treatment, saying, “The egg cell of the woman, the uterus where the pregnancy will settle, the sperm of the man. Smoking negatively affects all three factors, both in males as in females. Our first recommendation to couples applying for IVF treatment and need treatment is to stop smoking. It is important that they do this when embarking on such a difficult and costly treatment. While focusing on all sorts of factors that increase the chances of getting treatment by 1-2 percent, continuing to smoke, which certainly can’t negatively impact treatment, doesn’t make much sense because it’s reduced success from the start. both men and women to stop smoking at least two or three months before treatment, in couples who will be treated for their desire to have children.”

Arguing that smoking and pregnancy should not go together, Buyru said: “Smoking negatively impacts reproductive health, negatively affects blood vessels and causes an increase in cardiovascular disease. Smoking of men or women affects the vessels of all kinds of systems and organs. It even affects the vein that goes to the brain. It would be appropriate to give up this bad habit as soon as possible with the logic of profit,” he said.

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