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Communication professional and trainer Gamze Nurluoğlu, who drew attention to the concept of digital parenting, said: “According to the data of the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), 85% of our country uses the internet, while 81% are actively engaged in social media. and spends 3 hours a day on these platforms. The fact that 5.7 percent of social media users are younger than 17 raises many questions among parents. Many parents are looking for ways to protect their children from the negative effects of the digital world, such as cyberbullying,” and evaluated the social media posts of adults that could harm children.

Emphasizing that the digital world creates the greatest need for admiration and focus problems in children, Nurluoğlu said, “Children of developmental age are more affected by these factors. Parents have a great responsibility at this stage. However, limiting use is not enough to protect children from the negative effects of social media. Families need to be aware and regulate digital use and shape digital use as the child gets older.”


Nurluoğlu said, “Most of us share pictures of our private lives on social media. In addition, there are parents who not only take into account their own privacy, but also that of their children. We see that an account has been opened in the name of his children and is being used in his name. This situation, called sharingnting, is a wrong model of behavior. Because expressing information from kids like kindergarten and sharing their photos creates a digital footprint. Since the child’s digital identity is initiated without the child’s knowledge, it becomes more difficult to manage as the person gets older. The child may also be exposed to cyberbullying as a result of parental sharing. That is why it is imperative that parents become aware and become conscious digital parents.”


Nurluoğlu said that families should not use their children as a means of interaction on social media and explained the concept of digital parenting as follows:

“Digital parents enable children to continue their social, emotional, psychological, mental and physical development by keeping them away from the negativity of the digital world. While encouraging the proper use of technology and guiding their children. For this it is crucial to be a good digitally literate person. Digital parents do not prohibit or enforce control. It guides the child with technology, raises awareness and protects it from risks.”


Nurluoğlu pointed out that families should develop a control mechanism in the digital age and avoid the harms of the digital world and focus on its benefits. The child should not have access to every app on the parent’s phone. Special modes for children should be introduced on video platforms. When the child switches to their personal phone, parental controls must be activated. When they start using social media, they need to be made aware of the risks and wrongdoers. They should be directed to applications where they can learn foreign languages ​​and improve their skills. It is more important to focus on what application children are using and for what purpose, rather than limiting them. In this way, parents can turn technology into useful experiences for children.”

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