South Korea fines Google $32 million – Breaking News

South Korea has fined the world’s largest search engine Google $32 million.

In a statement from the South Korean Fair Trade Commission, Google’s NCSoft Corp, Netmarble Corp. and some small Chinese game companies to publish their new games and their support for these games specifically on the Google Play Store.

The statement noted that it is vital for these companies to open up to overseas markets that Google make their games visible by placing their games at the top of the search engine in places where the visibility of these game companies is low.

The commission stated that Google prevented One Store from including new games from 2016, when it started operating in South Korea, until 2018, increasing its revenue to 1.8 trillion won (26 billion TL) in this way.

Yu Seong Wook, director general of the Commission’s anti-monopoly office, said Google’s activities deviated from normal market activities, adding: “Google’s intention was to remove the One Store from the market, which it saw a strong competitor.” used the sentences.

Google, which controls three-quarters of the country’s mobile app market, denied these claims.

“Open platforms give developers control over how they distribute their applications. Google invests a significant amount of money in the success of these developers. Therefore, we do not accept the conclusion of the Trade Commission.” expressions were used.


In 2016, the EU accused Google of dominating the market with its Android operating system and breaking competition rules. The allegation stemmed from the fact that Google had installed its own search and several other apps on Android devices.

The EU investigation found that Google’s contracts with various device manufacturers forced Google Search, the Play Store and the Chrome browser to preload, and paid some phone manufacturers if they preloaded Google Search.

In 2018, the EU fined Google €4.34 billion for abusing market dominance in the Android operating system.

Google objected to the fine in question and initiated legal proceedings. In September, the EU Court upheld the European Commission’s decision that Google violated competition rules in its Android operating system, with a slight reduction in the fine.

The court reduced the commission’s fine from 4 billion 340 million euros to 4 billion 125 million euros, and Google announced it would appeal the court’s ruling.

Decisions of the General Court of the EU can be submitted to the European Court of Justice for legality review.


In 2018, the EU fined Google €4.34 billion for abusing market dominance in the Android operating system. In addition, the EU fined Google €1.49 billion in 2019 for abusing market dominance in its advertising service AdSense.

The EU fined Google more than €8 billion in its 2017-2019 returns.

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