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We have made a detailed investigation of the Spanish Civil War, which occupies an important place in world history. In this content you will find information about the history, causes and structure of the Spanish Civil War.

What is the Spanish Civil War?

The Spanish Civil War was a civil war that took place in Spain between 1936-1939. The war started when the government tried to suppress a left-wing opposition group.

These events escalated into a larger civil war, following a series of coup attempts and class struggles, as leftist groups united to overthrow the government. The war was a battle between the “Whites”, supported by government forces and their many allies at home and abroad, and the “Reds”, supported by leftist groups and opposition forces. Many people lost their lives during the civil war and the land fell to the ground, mixed with ruined and devastated cities.

Brief History of the Spanish Civil War

Spanish Civil War

One of the most important pre-World War II crises had occurred in Spain. The dictatorship regime established in Spain in 1923 was replaced by a democratic republic with the abdication of King Alfonso the 13th in 1930.

In July 1936, General Franco, commander of the Spanish troops in Morocco, rebelled against the ruling Popular Front government and entered Spain with his troops. In the face of Franco, who had conquered parts of Spain to the west and south, the government retreated to the city of Valencia and began fighting the royalist uprising. A three-year civil war broke out in Spain.

The Spanish Civil War quickly became the center of an international crisis. Franco’s takeover of power in Spain seemed to conflict with the interests of Western European states such as England and France.

Close to the dictatorships in Germany and Italy, if Franco came to power the vital Mediterranean route to the British colonies could be closed off, France would be in the grip of the Axis powers, both from the East and now to the south, and cut off from its African colonies.

However, despite all these threats, these two states did not want to get involved in the civil war, assuming that they could start a European war if they intervened.

A “committee of non-interference” was set up in London in August 1936 at the request of England. According to the commission’s decision, no aid would be sent to either side of the civil war. This decision effectively flouted international law, for according to the decision, Franco and his supporters, who revolted, were considered to have the same status as the legitimate central government and neither were helped.

While Western European states complied with this decision of the Non-Interference Committee, Germany and Italy certainly did not. Italy provided significant military support to General Franco, while Germany sent ample arms and ammunition. In response, about 35,000 volunteers from around the world came to fight alongside the Republicans and Socialists.

Although the Soviet Union did not respond effectively to the call for help from the Republicans and Socialists, it rather tried to support it diplomatically. After 3 years of civil war, General Franco completely dominated Spain in 1939. Just before World War II, a new fascist regime emerged in the Western Mediterranean.

Causes of the Spanish Civil War

Spanish Civil War

The Spanish Civil War occurred as a result of the combination of the country’s social, political and economic turmoil. Here are some causes of the Spanish Civil War;

  • Spain has faced issues of social inequality, economic injustice and political instability.
  • It entered a structural crisis and the monarchy was replaced by the Republic.
  • Growing social and political differences in the country.
  • While left-wing groups criticized the government, right-wing groups claimed that the Republic could not solve the social injustice and economic crisis.
  • Left-wing groups attempted a coup against the government.
  • It led to civil war as the government suppressed left-wing groups.

The Structure of the Spanish Civil War and the Allies

Spanish Civil War

The Spanish Civil War can be defined by the struggle between the whites and the reds. The whites were supported by government forces and their allies, while the reds were supported by leftist groups and opposition forces.

While the whites criticized the Republican government for failing to solve the country’s social injustice and economic crisis, the Reds criticized the government’s suppression of left-wing groups. The Spanish Civil War reflects the battle between these two different views.

The war escalated with the involvement of international allies and the country’s internal structure. While the Soviet Union provided military and financial support to help the Reds, Western European countries and the US supported the whites.

This international involvement led to the Spanish Civil War becoming a global battle and the effects of the war were also felt in the international arena. The Spanish Civil War took place and grew due to the involvement of international allies and the internal structure of the country.

Economic and Social Effects of the Spanish Civil War

Spanish Civil War

The war had a major impact on the country’s manufacturing and trading activities. The country’s industrial and agricultural sectors slowed down during the course of the war, and many businesses closed. This led to a rise in unemployment in the country and a deepening of the economic crisis.

In addition, many people lost their homes and businesses during the war. The war has disrupted the integrity and social balance of the country’s society, and these effects are still being felt today.

At the end of the war, the country’s economic and social life was severely devastated. The effects of the war displaced the country’s economic and social life, and the long-term consequences are still being felt. The Spanish Civil War has had serious consequences for the economic and social life of the country, as well as for the integrity and balance of society.

When did the Spanish Civil War start?

The Spanish Civil War started in 1936 and ended in 1939.

What Caused the Spanish Civil War?

The Spanish Civil War arose as a result of the outbreak of social, economic and political divisions in the country. Among the reasons for the outbreak of the war are the increase in the economic crisis in the country, the increase in social injustice and the hot conflicts between conservative and leftist groups in the country.

Who were allies in the Spanish Civil War?

There were two sides in the Spanish Civil War: the Republicans and the Nationalists. Republicans would represent left-wing and secular groups, while nationalists would represent right-wing and religious groups.

What happened as a result of the Spanish Civil War?

At the end of the Spanish Civil War, the Nationalist forces were victorious and Franco’s dictatorship was initiated in the country. This dictatorship seriously affected the social, economic and political life of the country and lasted until 1976.

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