Special nutritional advice for asthmatic children from the specialist

Defining asthma as “a respiratory disease characterized by recurrent wheezing and coughing attacks in children, often caused by upper respiratory infections, substances to which the patient is sensitive, or exercise,” states Dr. Yüksel said if there is a family or childhood history of allergic diseases such as food allergy and eczema, the likelihood of asthma increases.

“Precautions should be taken against situations that affect asthma.

Arguing that the child with complaints such as wheezing, coughing attacks and shortness of breath should first be examined by a pediatrician, says Dr. Yüksel recommended that if the doctor diagnoses asthma and starts treatment, this treatment should be followed. Dr. Yüksel said: “However, children should strictly adhere to the vaccination schedule, use masks in closed areas such as schools, often in the spring and winter months when infections are intense, wash their hands regularly and protect them from upper respiratory infections. ; It is necessary to stay away from polluted air environments, to strengthen the patient’s immune system with a healthy and balanced diet and regular sleep.

Pediatrician Dr. Esra Karabıyık Yüksel pointed out that while a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fish reduces the frequency of asthma, obesity increases the likelihood of asthma. Dr. Yüksel A, C, D and E rich nutrition; He said that consuming foods containing selenium and magnesium are measures that can be taken against asthma.

“Healthy diet plays an important role in managing asthma”

A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fish; Noting that there are studies that show it reduces the frequency of asthma compared to foods that contain fat, sugar, and salt, Dr. “Current medical literature has proven that obesity increases the risk of asthma and makes it difficult for a patient with asthma to control their symptoms. For this reason prevention of obesity with nutritional control in children; We attach great importance to the intake of breast milk only during the first 6 months, as this reduces the risk of developing obesity and prevents the development of asthma and all other allergic diseases.”

“Magnesium and selenium minerals are also very important”

Emphasizing that to reduce asthma symptoms, a diet rich in vitamins A, C and E is necessary. Yüksel “Vitamin A is found in yellow, orange and green fruits and vegetables; It is abundant in milk, fish and egg yolks. Vitamin C is found in fresh fruits and vegetables and vitamin E is found in green leafy vegetables, legumes and nuts such as hazelnuts and walnuts. In addition, the mineral that we call selenium is very important. Selenium is an antioxidant abundant in seafood and meat, it has the function of enhancing the effects of vitamin E. In addition, magnesium is also rich in dark chocolate, avocado, green vegetables, bananas, milk, dried legumes. We strongly recommend including magnesium in the diets of children with asthma as it plays a role in preventing bronchial inflammation, the main mechanism of asthma, and improves the basic functions of the lungs.

“There is no special diet, but healthy eating rules must be applied”

Dr Yüksel said that eating a diet rich in antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, E and selenium and taking important mineral supplements such as magnesium are the most important measures to control asthma. Dr. Dr. Yüksel also stated that there is no specific diet program other than removing foods that asthmatics are allergic to from their diet.

“Vitamin D works well on immunity”

Noting that many studies in recent years have proven that vitamin D plays a role in the immune system, Dr. Yüksel stated that it is also positive to keep vitamin D levels within normal limits in patients with asthma.

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