Specialist warns: could be a harbinger of heart disease

According to studies conducted in America, Europe and Turkey, 20 to 70 percent of men have problems with erectile dysfunction, said Cardiovascular Diseases Specialist OFM Antalya Hospital. Ömer Görkem Göldağ, “Erectile dysfunction problem, also known as erectile dysfunction, is defined as the inability to adequately achieve or maintain an erection necessary for sexual performance. It is a major health problem that affects quality of life and is common in people with cardiovascular disease. Age, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cholesterol disorders, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, family history of cardiovascular disease at a young age (55 years in men, before 65 in women), are risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Therefore, managing and treating these risk factors also prevents erectile dysfunction.”

“The drugs you take can cause a heart attack”

Cardiovascular disease specialist Dr Ömer Görkem Göldağ pointed out that patients with erectile dysfunction should be assessed with EKG, EKG, EFOR test and other advanced tests, regardless of the disease they are experiencing. Noting that treatment for sexual activity and erectile dysfunction will be prolonged in high-risk heart patients, says Dr. Göldağ said: “A significant proportion of the drugs used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction can interact with heart drugs, increasing the risk of heart attack, arrhythmias and even sudden death. For all these reasons, we recommend people with erectile dysfunction to know that cardiovascular disease can also prevent, that the treatment of cardiovascular disease can correct the problem of erectile dysfunction, that the drugs used in erectile dysfunction should be used carefully in terms of cardiovascular health and that they should be researched by a specialist in cardiovascular disease,” he said.

“Patients are afraid to tell their problems”

Claiming that most patients who have problems with erectile dysfunction and therefore rely on urology doctors do not have this information. Göldağ: “The majority of patients with a sexual activity disorder are hesitant to tell their doctor about their erectile dysfunction. Patients who present to a urologist do not tell their urology doctor about their heart condition. Some patients may not be aware of their heart disease. Therefore, this communication disorder between the doctor and the patient can lead to the prolongation of treatment or the medications taken by the patient to cause a heart attack. We hear many examples of that. “Patients who have problems with erectile dysfunction or who have long-term treatment should know that it is vital to see their urology doctor, as well as cardiovascular disease.”

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