Specialist’s warning: Injuries to the mouth and teeth that went unnoticed in childhood can have consequences in the future

While drawing attention to the importance of oral and dental health, experts argue that continuity should be ensured with morning and evening brushing. Dentist Zeynep Bulut, who continues her job as chief physician of Okmeydanı Oral and Dental Health Hospital, also provided information about the treatments performed at the hospital and warned citizens. While explaining that many treatments for children and adults are successfully performed in the hospital, Bulut stressed that accidents that happen at a young age and are ignored can cause serious problems for the future. Expressing that children can be more active in the summer months, Bulut said families should check their children’s mouths and jaws from time to time for possible injuries.

“If it goes unnoticed, we could have serious problems in the future”

Dentist Zeynep Bulut, who continues to work as the chief physician of Okmeydanı Oral and Dental Health Hospital, stated that taking care of oral and dental cleaning will prevent many problems while providing information about the treatments applied in the hospital: “We can serve our citizens in almost all branches of dentistry. We have a capacity of about 50 thousand patients per month. In cases such as cysts, tumors, fractures, jaw fractures that are not noticed in the protruding teeth due to the traumas experienced by children, especially in the developmental and adolescence period, we perform their treatments in both restorative and maxillofacial surgery units in our department of pedodontology. For example, due to trauma, it goes unnoticed, a toy hits, the mother hits her arm while playing with the child, and even in these cases, sometimes if it is not noticed, we can encounter serious problems with the formation of a chronic cyst in the future. Let’s say that on this occasion, summer vacation is coming, fall, hit, for example, hit your friend’s head or arm. Be sure to notify their families. In our families, check the mouth, chin and soft tissue in the mouth of children from time to time. I don’t just mean in terms of maintenance and cleaning, they can spot some issues that aren’t really noticed at the time and fix the problem here before it gets bigger. It’s very important to brush your teeth without eating anything, especially when you get up in the morning, and to brush at night and go to bed,” he said.

“We have patient requests from all over Turkey”

Speaking about the treatments applied in the hospital to people with disabilities, Bulut continued his words as follows: “Our people with intellectual disabilities are really special patients. They cannot express their pain and the causes of their pain, and their pain thresholds are very low. with a lot of systemic discomfort. Let’s report it on the occasion of Disability Week. Procedures are performed as soon as possible in our clinic for maxillofacial surgery, without an appointment if applicable. For these patients, a very special approach required. Communication with them and their families is as important as the importance of medical treatment. It requires a more sensitive and considerate approach. About 200-250 around. There is”

“My son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, the procedure was performed under general anesthesia”

Explaining that she came to Okmeydanı from Avcılar for her son’s treatment, Elif Altunbulak said, “My son has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and cannot walk. The procedure was performed under general anesthesia, as there was no examination by opening his mouth due to its sensitivity. For the time being, 4 injections and 2 fillings have been made by sleeping in, for now we are satisfied. Last summer we had 6 fillings done in a private outpatient clinic, they all melted and spilled. We have again applied for a second procedure here, and we have chosen this place because it is completely free and depends on the state. There is an inspection every 6 months, otherwise there is no problem.”

“I came to Istanbul for treatment by Batman”

Hamza Genç, 37, stated that he had come to Istanbul from Batman for an operation, saying: “I applied to a private clinic in Batman to have my teeth done. A video was filmed there and it was said that I had a cyst on my upper jaw, of course we were scared. There was also the thought that it was a tumor, so I applied to other clinics. They said the same, thank you, we sent our movies to our teacher Burcu Yıldırım by email. He said, “I can take this patient, I can do the operation,” and invited him. He gave me a lot of confidence, so I made the decision to have the surgery,” he said.

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