Sports watched on the internet can cause injuries

The number of people who do sports to look fit, lose weight or stay in shape is quite high. While many people follow the program given to them by the experts, some citizens can exercise without knowing their body and unconsciously.

On. Dr. Bülent Diri made important statements about the causes and treatments of sports injuries.
According to Medicana Samsun Intarnational Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Dr. Bülent Diri: “Although muscle injuries mainly occur in athletes, they can also occur as a result of sudden movements. The unpreparedness of the muscles, starting the sport unprepared and loss of flexibility can cause muscle tearing. To avoid this, we recommend that you start exercising with stretching movements. In addition, some collagen supplements and vitamin supplements can be used according to age to protect the structure of the muscle.

“You can get injured while watching sports on the internet”

Referring to the risks of injury in sports movements done by watching the Internet at home, Dr. Bülent Diri said, “Each practice ultimately belongs to the individual, it belongs to the individual. In other words, everyone has to draw up a sporting program according to his/her own structure. If possible, get help from an expert. You can’t expect someone to dribble beyond their abilities. You should do certain warm-up and stretching exercises beforehand. As the body warms up, joint powers can also increase. Performing moves in videos viewed online can be risky for beginners. The expert who does those moves does sports every day and his body knows the moves. If you try to perform these moves, you may be doing your body more harm than good. As you try to do these moves, you can damage and tear their muscles,” he said.

“The healing process of an Achilles tendon tear takes a long time”

Noting that tearing the Achilles tendon of the lower part prolongs the recovery period, Opr. Dr. “The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the body. It is the tendon that attaches to our back heel and is associated with our back calf. If the Achilles tendon ruptures from the point where it attaches to the ankle, definitive surgical intervention is required. If the Achilles tendon is torn from above, that is, from the muscular part, this is traumatic and does not require surgery. Because even if the muscle lice breaks down by holding it, it will be able to heal itself. But if there is a rupture in the tendon area, where the movement will take place, the body has no chance to heal. We need to surgically stitch it up. It may take 1 year for the patient to return to their normal life after the surgical procedure.

Diri provided information on what needs to be done to prevent injuries, saying:

“The person has just started exercising. He suddenly lifts weights. The body can’t handle it all at once. Pain is the body’s greatest warning system. You pushed yourself in sports and felt pain. You must immediately stop what you are doing at that moment. If you continue to force the body after the pain, the body’s defense system comes into play first and muscle tearing may occur. It is also important that people know their own bodies. Individuals need to understand if they are exceeding their capacity. As you work, the duration of the sport and the difficulty of the movements can increase and your body can adapt to this. If your pain does not go away with sports injuries, you should see a doctor immediately. One of the biggest mistakes made in sports is not knowing oneself. A person who knows his or her own body can avoid actions that could cause accidents and injuries. We must perform our sporting activities by recognizing our muscle structure, joint structure, age, joint mobility and muscle strength.”

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