Start a great year in Cyprus

Cyprus Hotels It has a lot of equipment on this subject and hosts famous artists and proves the importance it attaches to this night with special programs.

You can have a great winter holiday with Cyprus tours and Cyprus ToursYou can spend a pleasant New Year’s Eve in one of these hotels. This is of course an option. You can choose a hotel yourself and start the new year right. Let’s say that the prices of hotels in Cyprus, which are preferred by friends and families, are also diverse and attractive to every pocket.

Let us remind you that it is a pleasure to evaluate hotels in Cyprus during the winter months! Because when the silver screen covers the young homeland, landscapes emerge like postcards.

The most famous artists are always in Cyprus!

So that you can make an easier choice, let’s list some important hotels in Cyprus where you can enjoy New Year’s Eve and host famous artists. First; Elexus Hotel Resort & Spa is on the list. Cyprus Hotels It would not be an exaggeration to say that it is the most flamboyant among them. Kaya Artemis Cyprus is another hotel to choose for the new year when you will make the most of the new year with its rooms overlooking the sea and land, a well-equipped spa centre, DJ clubs and jazz nights. Boasting a four-season holiday atmosphere, the facility is home to its unique architecture, well-appointed event halls, and concert space; With Rubato, Aşkın Nur Yengi and many other famous artists, it becomes an indispensable part of the New Year’s entertainment. Concorde Luxury Resort is also one of the must-have elements of New Year’s Eve. With Tarkan and famous artists on the New Year’s stage, the facility guarantees fun in the New Year!

In these hotels you will find luxury and comfort!

Of course, it can be difficult to make the right choice for New Year’s Eve among such beautiful and luxurious hotels. They almost all have many facilities and different services. And when it comes to Cyprus, this diversity naturally increases even more. Another facility that we can list for you is Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel. Another plus is that the facility, which hosts famous artists and performs special programs for the New Year, is intertwined with nature. Among the Cyprus hotels, this beautiful resort is one of the best for those who expect much more than a New Year’s Eve party. The artist fills his guests with music with the abundance of programs. An alternative to these hotels is Kaya Palazzo Resort. This place is also preferred for its seaside location, blueness and abundance of artist programs.

Have a nice year!

Another hotel with many artists and a lot of fun, where you can welcome the new year, is Limak Cyprus Deluxe. You will experience a New Year’s Eve full of nightlife and clubs and you will have a great start to the year. Let’s not skip and add Lord’s Palace to our Christmas hotels. Lord’s Palace, one of the best hotels in Cyprus overlooking Bella Marin, offers more than just a holiday.

The holiday shop is waiting for you with discount prices for the guests who prefer Cyprus for the New Year holidays.

As a Holiday Shop, we wanted to offer you some hotel suggestions for Cyprus where you can spend New Year’s Eve and welcome a brand new year. We hope you are satisfied and have a good start to the new year. We wish you a nice holiday.

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